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Low syn options - buying meals on the go

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lokijet · 09/01/2020 20:32

Doing slimming world online but work away, travelling by train and staying in hotels and struggling to find filling low syn options

Ideas welcome - I wont be able to bring from home as already weighed down with laptop, bags etc

OP posts:
Lightsabre · 10/01/2020 13:46

Maybe a jacket potato with lots of salad and cheese (which you could ask for on the side and then just use 40gr). Or tomato based soups, boiled egg salads, wholemeal toast with tinned tomatoes and a poached egg?

I'm new to SW and yesterday weighed out portions of things to see what they 'look' like as I get caught out travelling too.

BuckingFrolics · 15/01/2020 09:02

Subway does salads apparently.

pineapple2 · 15/01/2020 09:04

Like above subway salads..lovely and with your slimming world card 10% off

MetalMidget · 15/01/2020 22:24

I've been relying on sushi packs, very filling and low Syn.

InfiniteSheldon · 17/01/2020 20:10

Greggs tomato soup is 5 Syns and very filling

Flumpywoo · 21/01/2020 21:44

Boots Shapers range are low syn. I had the chicken caesar salad today for 3 syns and some popchips for 4.5 syns. Sushi is low as well. You could have a hifi instead of the crisps for your HEb. Am just craving bad things so needed a 'treat'.

Some of the Pret A Manger soups are low syn too (broccoli and chicken I think).
Sainsburys vegetable cous cous is about 7 syns as well, so fine if you're not having many other syns that day.

If you have access to a microwave (wasn't sure if working in an office away from home), there is a love your veg range in Sainsbury's with a lovely butternut squash risotto for 2.5 syns. Also m&s count on us range ready meals can be lowish, from 5.5-9 syns depending on the meal.

Hope this helps!

Cator · 22/01/2020 16:07

Subway salads are a good way to have a SW free or low syn meal (just stay away from the fatty dressings and olives, and stick to the grilled chicken).

Sushi packs from the supermarket to-go fridges are usually low syn and filling. Waitrose also have a great range of healthy lunch salad boxes (my favourite is the tofu and tempeh one) - a lot of those are under 300 calories (just don't go mad with the dressing as I bet that's loaded with syns).

Leon/Benugo/Boots have some good low syn options - think egg pots, beans and toms, edamame salads.

The Mug Shot/noodle pots are a good, light option. Can usually find them in the small Tesco shops. Hopefully you have access to a kettle!

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