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4lb away from target & struggling!

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helpamummaout · 16/07/2019 07:46

Hi everyone!
So after a 2.5 stone loss I'm 4lb away from my target, but I'm really struggling! It's just so hard to shift the weight now, even after a perfect week 100% on plan I only loose 1/2lb and if I have a treat at all I end up gaining! I just feel like I'm loosing my motivation but I really want to make it to target! Has anyone been in this situation or have any tips? Normally I would exercise to kick start things but I'm struggling with back problems at the moment. Thank you

OP posts:
Hwory · 16/07/2019 07:51

Well done on losing 2.5 stone!

On plan or not if you’re not losing weight you’re not in a calorie deficit. I would try inputting what your eating into my fitness pal.

TinaG90 · 16/07/2019 07:56

I feel your struggle! I'm on slimming world and not near target yet but I have lots 1st 4lb so far. Nearly at pre baby weight. I was doing really well, slimmer of the month on my first month after losing a stone and then I started work doing 43 hours a week and 4 night shifts, with a 2 year old at home aswell I was craving sugar! I have just had 2 weeks holiday and gained 2 1/2 lbs but I'm working part time evenings now and hope this helps. The last 4 weeks I have been gaining one week and losing the next. In doing an sp week so hopefully that will kick start it! You're not on your own at all. Maybe keep a food diary? If you have a food diary from before where you had a really good loss maybe repeat that week again?

helpamummaout · 16/07/2019 07:56

Thank you! Yeah I might give that a go next week, it's just very time consuming.

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welshmumofboys · 16/07/2019 08:04

Have you tried sp days? They're a bit more restrictive but being so close to target it could be worth it. As a pp said, you do need to be in a calorie deficit to lose so you could look at your meals and increase lower calorie foods (more veg, salad, etc) and decrease higher calorie foods such as pasta, potatoes. That will naturally lower your calories. I'm in a similar situation and not practicing what I preach and know it is very frustrating!

helpamummaout · 16/07/2019 08:10

It's hard isn't it @TinaG90 especially with little ones, I have 18 month old twins so sometimes after a bad day just want to inhale the contents of the kitchen 😂! Your gain isn't bad at all for a holiday, id be happy with that! You're doing great x

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helpamummaout · 16/07/2019 08:12

Yeah I do food diaries and am doing an SP week this week after a night out on sat. But tbh when I've done SP days before my loss has just been the same as a normal week! Pffft feeling very demotivated!

OP posts:
florriepeck · 16/07/2019 08:32

Keep at it and you will get there.
I was like this as I got closer to target.
Things to try:
Some SP meals on EE days, even if not a full SP day.
Keep syns down to around 5 a day.
Be sensible about portion sizes.

helpamummaout · 16/07/2019 08:47

Thank you everyone! Will give it all a go try mix it up a bit. I've done SP days, smaller portions and keeping syns between 4-6 this week in hope of still getting a loss after my night out!

OP posts:
TinaG90 · 16/07/2019 12:32

However small a loss is still a loss! Your doing really well :) even if it is half a pound, means you'll be at target mid September and we all know how quick school holiday goes, wont take long! Xx

helpamummaout · 16/07/2019 12:57

I know but it is pretty depressing to not be able to have an off plan meal without it causing a gain. Been talking to some friends at work and we are going to try intermittent fasting, starting on Thursday I'll do it alongside SW, so we shall see if it helps!

OP posts:
Groovee · 16/07/2019 13:33

I had 7lbs to my target weight and then it came off at half a pound a week. It was so frustrating. I just kept going even though it was a tough time. I think because you want it so much your body doesn't play ball.

What I did do was to really up my speed portions.

What was irritating was the whoosh effect took place after I had hit target 😂. I fell below target, but have got there. I've been at target for nearly 16 months.

helpamummaout · 16/07/2019 15:35

That's brilliant @Groovee well done! Have you found it hard maintaining? I eat loads of speed, even tried swapping fruit to veg to snack on to see if all the sugar is hindering me but to no avail so far. Weigh day thurs evening so we shall see I suppose

OP posts:
Groovee · 16/07/2019 15:46

@helpamummaout I've found target really tough. What I have learned is the 6lb bubble is there to bounce about in and it's ok to do that. It took me a while to get my head round it and I do think I wing it most days. But I've fallen out of target 3 times and gone above it twice over 16 months which isn't too bad.

I'm just back from holiday do I suspect with a stand in consultant and different scales I could be out of target again.

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