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Platod need help

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mmmccccccxxx · 18/05/2018 09:01

I'm 42 and 5.7 I seem to be stuck at ten stone and just want to loose another half a stone but anything I'm doing doesn't seem to be working is there anyone out there who has been like this and then successfully lost .... help me plz

OP posts:
Bjhsum · 18/05/2018 09:52

mmmccccccxxx I have. I have lost 6 stone on SW but my target was for 8st when i first started. I had a small number of health setbacks last Summer which seemed to knock me for a 6. I struggled massively through all the autumn and winter and then suddenly something clicked around early March. Since starting on SW i fell in love with cooking and baking and although I am a man and we are of similar age and I am 6' 1" and if i don't mind admitting a bit of a hunk muffin I hold no shame in admitting to anyone the journey i have been on. Other males do give me a look occasionally as if there is something wrong between my ears but that's their problem, not mine! Anyway, to answer your question because of the love of cooking and baking I started to look at completely changing ingredients to give me a fresh challenge. I have found this has rejuvenated the passion again and lo and behold my weight loss has been turned on again which has given me that fresh vigor to keep on going.
So in a mad way my rationalism over this is I think my body was getting used to the same ritual of low calorie cooking spray and homemade chips in the oven etc and because things have been changed my body has reacted to it kind of bought into the change.
So maybe you could just tweak yours and see if it reacts like mine has.
As an example of these changes, a usual fav breakfast of mine is the giant pots of fat-free yogurt from Lidl that usually lasts me 2 days. But instead of buying Granola to go with it I have been buying the ingredients of my liking and roasting and almost dry frying them myself and then put them in the blender and make up my own Granola. Lunch changes have been instead of toasted brown seeded loaf and banana I have been grilling banana instead and dry wheatgerm seeded bread.
However, like i say this might not work for everyone or to their tastes but it is for me and hopefully shed the final 2 stone. Please feel free to message me directly if you'd like to discuss more crazy methods.

mmmccccccxxx · 18/05/2018 12:07

I do feel my body is now storing fat and that's why I'm not loosing x I'm not overweight and probably need to
Excersize more
Although have been going to the gym three times a week I just want to feel
Confident in a bikini when laid down and well as stood up x

As mad as it
May sound I think I'm gonna try eating this weekend and go back to being strict
Monday and see what the results are next Friday x

OP posts:
Bjhsum · 18/05/2018 12:51

Hi mmmmm.
I'm defo with you there, everybody who sees me and knows me of old say I look like a skeleton now in comparison to the old me but even though I say so myself i do look tasty I want the extra 2 stone for my old 6 pack etc. Only then I'm at my target will i start going the gym and tone up to a witwoo body.
Like you say you're doing this w/e every Fri i treat it as a goodie day and i indulge in EVERYTHING naughty. I have done this since joining SW and I see no reason to not have that 1 day break. It works for me and kinda feels like when I'm back on it tomoz something inside me kickstarts.
Just remember going to the gym you must exercise only as a contribution to your total calorie intake for the day otherwise it'll have been all the slog n sweat for nothing and by the sounds of it, you read delicious and yummmy as it is.
Is it Fridays that you weigh in? Snap if it is mine is too lol.
Being a man you need to explain that one to me about feeling confident laid down. Surely if you look witwoo standing up you'll look just as tasty lying down or am i missing the point somewhere pml.

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