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Work lunches - need help

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WyrdSisterWeatherwax · 21/02/2018 17:17

I'm back on SW again after putting the 3.5 stone I'd lost back on.

I'm good with dinner and breakfast ideas but I struggle with lunches at work so either buy unhealthy meal deals or skip lunch.

Does anyone have suggestions for quick, easy lunches I could take in to reheat or even better - healthier sandwich ideas?

I've got access to a microwave and small George Foreman at work for making stuff.

Thanks Smile

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Mrsjones17 · 21/02/2018 17:39

I mass make my lunch on a Sunday night. Boring but I eat the same thing for lunch every day for that week. Not sure if this is frowned upon but I am too busy the thing about what I want for lunch the following day. So I make a large something and then heat that up in the microwave every day. It’s usually a 4 weekly rota of campfire stew, pasta Bolognese, rissotto or casserole. Make it on Monday in the slow cooker. Get in from work box it up into Tupperware boxes that can go in microwave and boom one less thing to have to think about!

CuriousHedgehog · 21/02/2018 18:07

For minimal prep you could make extra dinner and reheat in the microwave the next day.

I usually make a big portion of something for dinner on Sunday that can double as a couple of weekday lunches, then have sandwiches or leftovers of mid-week dinners on the other days. If there's not enough speed I also make a side salad or green veg I steam in the microwave.

-Homemade soup (with bread as a HEB if you like)
-Pasta salad (e.g. roasted tomato and HEA reduced fat feta)
-Crustless quiche
-Potato cakes
-Potato salad (with a yoghurt dressing)
-Chili con carne
-Pasta bolognaise
-Baked potato (can part-bake at home and finish in microwave to minimise cooking time)
-Meatball and bean stew

Sandwich (HEB) filling ideas - I use quark instead of butter as a barrier to stop it getting soggy (quark features heavily, so sorry if you're not a fan!)

  • cheese (HEA)
  • ham and quark flavoured with black pepper and mustard powder
  • tuna and fat free yoghurt with just a teaspoon of low fat mayo
  • coronation chicken (fat free yoghurt, spoonful of mayo, curry powder)
  • bacon medallions (oven baked, fat cut off), roasted tomato and spinach (my version of a BLT)
  • roast chicken and bacon medallions (fat cut off)
  • smoked salmon and quark mixed with lemon

See you have a grill so you could do toasties too (I'm jealous!)
Groovee · 21/02/2018 20:36

I make soup.

Salads with egg muffins or cold meat or fish.

Cous cous, rice or pasta type salad.

Crustless quiche stuffed with speed veggies.

madein1995 · 22/02/2018 15:48

Usually I take in leftovers from the night before, as I do tend to cook each night. Things like stir fry, bolognese, chilli, pasta bake, curry, chicken skewers, sweet and sour pork, soup etc.

I also do 'packed lunches'. Things like ham roll/cheese roll/ryvita and cheese/salad. Usually I have a yogurt as well, a peice of fruit and maybe a kit Kat/similar

WyrdSisterWeatherwax · 22/02/2018 17:39

These all sound yummy! I'm ordering my weekly shop tonight so some lovely new ideas to try esp the lunch box idea and sandwich suggestions. Might also double up on dinners or freeze some leftovers for lunches too.

Lol Hedgehog I bought the grill for the office just for making toasties Smile


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