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Slimming World

What IS slimming world?

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bakedappleflavour · 30/01/2018 08:36

I'd like to do slimming world but I find their website useless - I don't understand what is/isn't allowed? Anywhere I can find this info?

OP posts:

raisedbyguineapigs · 30/01/2018 16:21

I agree about Low Carb. Yes, it's meant to be the best way to lose weight and all that, but I found it very difficult.I never really got past the first 2 weeks where its really hard. Its also quite expensive when you can't use rice, pasta, lentils or beans. Im losing weight quite slowly on SW ( mainly because I dont stick to it rigidly, but Ive managed to stay on it for much longer and the whole family eats the same.


Trampire · 30/01/2018 16:57

I used to go for around 10 suns a day. Some days I'd use hardly any and others I'd have more.

I'm currently following SW on my own. I have all the stuff from last year. I used online for a few months. I do lose weight. Sometimes I can't be arsed with it.
I know the diet can change at times like what's no longer free or new syned food etc but I always cook from scratch and basically follow the extra easy plan. It's so simple once you get into it. It is basically lots of veg, lean protein and carbs with no or little extra fat.
People who low carb go ----> Shock when they hear that.

I tend to keep my suns for extra cheese/condiments etc and the odd bag of crisps.

I hated HATED the meetings. They took bloody ages and every week the script would be .....(sat round in a circle, going round telling everyone how everyone's done)

SW consultant (called Debbie or Sandra) - "Now let's see.....Angela. Now Angela, you've had a bad week this week I see. 5 pounds on. What's happened there Angela?"

Angela - "I don't know Debbie. I've eaten nothing but salad all week"

SW Debbie - "but Angela, you can eat MUCH more than salad and STILL loose. Something else must have happened?"

Angela - "Just salad Debbie"

SW Debbie - "Have you misjudged your syns? Have you used lots of mayo with the salad? Have you eaten crisps with it? Have you drunk lots of large lattes or cappachinos?"

Angela - "Nothing. Only salad. I give up Debbie"

SW Debbie - "OK cone and see me after and we'll do a food diary"

We're all sat there KNOWING Angela's eaten waaay more than salad. Debbie know it, Angela knows it. This goes on for HOURS.

Fuck that. Do it online!

Actually my friend had a really nice SW group and made some good mates. I think maybe it's my area Grin


Trampire · 30/01/2018 16:58

Suns = syns.


DeleteOrDecay · 30/01/2018 17:00

There are tonnes of groups on fb where you can get all the info you need to do the plan 'at home' without paying for membership if you don't want to.


DeleteOrDecay · 30/01/2018 17:02

Oh and sometimes their books can be found on eBay but there are many sw blogs out there with good recipes too.


GlorianaBanana · 30/01/2018 17:10

How long do the meetings last? I'm quite tempted. Previously have lost weight quite easily on LCHF but it isn't a long term thing for me, I didn't feel particularly healthy with that.


MissBax · 30/01/2018 17:10

It's amazing, the only thing that's worked for me. Are you on instagram? I recommend following any slimming world'ers. We use it to share recipes and you'll see all the amazing results by eating great.
I'm vegan by the way and cook everything from scratch. It's very healthy if you do it properly... And simple.


bakedappleflavour · 30/01/2018 17:42

Probably have to start next week as have done my meal plan for this week and it is all probably too high in syns as I really do eat quite a bit of full fat dairy.

Today I have eaten:

  • one piece of wholemeal toast with butter and jam (not my usual brekkie tbh but was rushing to get DS to playgroup)

  • salad with courgette, lettuce and tofu (dressed with lemon, salt and olive oil though - can't stand any dressing that isn't oil based so that might be an issue)

  • 2 chocolate hobnobs (WHOOPS!)

  • about 4 cups of tea with semi skimmed milk

  • not made dinner yet but was going to do a curry - either lamb keema or saag paneer with red lentil dahl.

I have a vanilla yoghurt in the fridge for pud but again it's full fat.
OP posts:

Marcine · 30/01/2018 18:01

I actually enjoy my group! Mine takes 90 minutes but it's a big group and the first half hour is coffee/weighing.
Today I had:
Oats with yogurt and berries and a coffee for breakfast
Veg, butter bean and ham soup with two ryvita for lunch
Banana and a cup of tea for a snack
Quorn and veg stir fry for dinner with melon and blueberries for dessert


simonisnotme · 30/01/2018 18:04

isnt it a group who give you food lists and charge a fee to tell you that youve lost weight Wink


bakedappleflavour · 30/01/2018 18:14

I also live in a sketchy area and don't drive. I wouldn't like to walk back from group in the dark on my own.

OP posts:

Mollie85 · 30/01/2018 18:38

Baked apple - I am in the Channel Isles so have no SW.
I got the books from eBay, but honestly, Google is a fantastic resource as is Pinterest.

The way I did it was to make a list of all the foods I liked and find their syn values online.

There are a couple of websites where the syn values for certain things (i.e sausages are listed for every shop)... I'm down a stone in three weeks eating burger (home made), spag bol, cottage pie, jacket potatoes, new potatoes with chicken and a "grill" up on a Sunday. I eat two slices of wholemeal bread a day. I eat fruit three times a day - a pear, an apple and a punnet of raspberries (for brekkie) and three to five veg portions over lunch and dinner.

I will say I've not eaten chocolate and I've given up milk too (prefer to "spend" my healthy A on cheese :) )

It's definitely early days but I am feeling very positive so far


BananzaJemima · 23/11/2019 01:01

You have to go to your local group and are given a book that tells you what meal plans to follow (green, vegetarian, red meat based and low carbohydrates, or extra easy a mix of meat carbohydrates and veg) and you have 15 syns a day to use on treats I haven't done it for 7 years so syns may have changed hope this helps


ALittleBitConfused1 · 14/01/2020 13:15

Both Muller yoghurts and white bread has a syn value so not sure what prev poster is referring too


Mummyme87 · 15/01/2020 16:42

alittlebitconfused muller lights used to be free until not that long ago, and white bread is syned yes but what carbs are generally fine.. rice, pasta, potato.

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