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Nando's sunset burger

3 replies

boo1507 · 29/01/2018 18:49

Does anyone know how many syns in a Nando's sunset burger? My app won't work! ;-(

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Groovee · 29/01/2018 20:07

I can't see it on the app.

WorkingMumOnTheGo · 30/01/2018 00:08

I can't find it on the app either but this might help :

Nando’s Chicken Breast Fillet burger – 23 Syns
Nando’s Chicken livers in a crispy Portuguese roll –23.5 Syns
Nando’s Double Chicken Breast Fillet burger – 28.5 Syns
Nando’s Portabello Mushroom & Grilled Halloumi Cheese burger – 29.5 Syns
Nando’s Veggie burger – 21.5 Syns
Nando’s Beanie burger – 25 Syns

boo1507 · 01/02/2018 11:01

Thanks all. I got the butterfly chicken and a salad. Didn't want to risk it.

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