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What's your motivation?

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DwangelaForever · 25/01/2018 20:54

What's your motivation for sticking at slimming world? For me, before I joined I was at my heaviest weight I have been at for years! Which is so depressing cause I was lighter after pregnancy than I was before I had my little girl!

I have piled on about a stone and a half since last January, I had a miscarriage in Feb and just comfort ate my way through it!

My motivation for losing weight is to have another wee one!

OP posts:
Tweetypie30 · 26/01/2018 14:37

I'm worried about my health. No problems at the moment but so many life threatening illnesses are caused by being overweight. I want to be as healthy as possible to look after my children. I'm also fed up of being tired and sluggish.

Groovee · 26/01/2018 16:03

Originally it was to have surgery. Surgery has been and gone. Now it's just to be happy in myself.

FelixCited · 26/01/2018 17:37

A wedding & my milestone birthday

demirose87 · 26/01/2018 17:42

My wedding and to be confident again. Also I've been pregnant a lot over the last few years and been sterilised so am looking to get my figure back now I know there's no more babies.

Oly5 · 27/01/2018 22:35

Three babies in five years have ruined my body. I miss my old clothes and am fed up of feeling overweight

WorkingMumOnTheGo · 30/01/2018 00:20

My motivations are:

  • being able to wear smaller size clothing
  • not being breathless all the time
  • eating healthy and feeling healthy
  • my DS
ChesterFuckingDraws · 30/01/2018 00:24

I sat on the floor to play with my nephew and someone snapped a picture, I looked like a ball! I knew I was fat, just not that fat!
I’m now 4st down (although 1/2 stone has crept on over Christmas/new year) still 1st to go.

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