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Frozen Tikka Masala Sauce

3 replies

Foxjo · 10/01/2018 11:29

Hi There

Can anyone tell me if they have defrosted the tikka masala sauce from Iceland before cooking with it? I plan on using it in the slow cooker!!


OP posts:
HotelEuphoria · 14/01/2018 08:00

Always defrost all their stuff, takes too long when I need it otherwise. It's fine either way, just adjust any cooking times.

Geepee71 · 15/01/2018 19:56

I defrost it, then bung in huge pan with veg. I also add Mayflower curry powder. 4 syns and amazing.

EEB1989 · 26/07/2018 21:37

This might be a daft question but how long does it take to defrost? Should I pop it in the fridge the night before? I don’t have a microwave and all the cooking instructions are for microwaves Confused

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