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Easy work lunches

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Adarsta · 24/12/2017 20:51

I am doing ok for breakfast and teas but lunches are throwing me off! My cooking skills are limited but when I do cheeseburger in a bowl and chips, pasta bakes and arriabita chicken and freeze them then microwave at work it's fine; however, I often don't have time to cook. Does anyone have any quick, tasty and easy to cook lunch ideas?

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Groovee · 25/12/2017 22:59

I make egg muffins quite frequently as I like them cold and eat with a salad.

Lousmith · 26/12/2017 22:11

I’ve started doing jacket potatoes in the microwave and then adding different toppings. The jackets take about 10/15 mins to cook and I do that whilst making breakfast or the night before. Just heat up at lunch time for about 3/5 mins. You can add you cheese allowance, beans, syn free spag bowl etc.
I’m really bad at lunches and tend to buy what the kitchen sell to the children at my workplace. As of 2018, I will be making my own

hashtagelfie · 28/12/2017 10:49

I was having a mugshot and fruit for lunch but they've increased the syn value on them now (they were free). Salads in summer with egg and ham or chicken and bacon with low fat mayo. Lots of people have soup but I can't eat soup with a bread roll. I have also done jacket potato - cook it the night before then warm it up at lunch

eggofmantumbi · 28/12/2017 10:50

Pasta with tomato sauce and some veggies?

BoldMcCoo · 28/12/2017 23:23

I struggle with lunches so much and often just eat from the canteen- not good. Weight watchers wraps (5.5 or heB) are good.

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