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Next week's menu

3 replies

Bluesea2017 · 26/11/2017 22:38

Second week for me and I think I should start planning my meals, especially dinners.
Have you planned your week?

OP posts:
FelixCited · 08/12/2017 05:56

Yes, last night I planned dinners for the next 2 weeks.
Just looked through all the vegetarian recipes on the website and made sure there was a different variety of dishes in the week.
I.e. Pasta, potato & rice etc

Groovee · 08/12/2017 07:34

Not really as it's the week of birthdays in our house.

IheartCaptainHolt · 08/12/2017 09:41

It's the week of eating the freezer leftovers for us. Off the top of my head there is chilli, meatballs, cauliflower-mac n cheese, hopping John and various soups.

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