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I must be doing it wrong, I'm starving!

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londonloves · 21/11/2017 16:56

Just starting out, got a fair amount of weight to lose post baby... I am sooooo hungry right now, I think maybe I just don’t have the right stuff to snack on. Plus I’ve been trapped under a baby for theee hours daydreaming about toast!
Today I’ve had 2 weetabix with HE milk, baked beans and 2 slices whilemeal toast (syns) for lunch with a big pile of rocket, two bananas as snacks and a few spoonfuls of fat free cottage cheese.
I am SO SO hungry. What am I doing wrong?
P.s. I’m not breast feeding so no excuses there...

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londonloves · 19/12/2017 22:19

No not breast feeding. I've lost 5lb now, really upped the protein and superfoods. Slightly struggling with chocolate reistance but the willpower seems to increase as the results do. I think I've hit a plateau with exercise though as I'm walking 10000-15000 steps every day, hoping to be able to do some more intensive exercise in the new year.

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