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Losing weight but not allowing myself to be proud?

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1wokeuplikethis · 02/08/2017 22:55

I've been back on slimming world for 5 weeks. Lost 7lbs in my first week and in total have lost 12lbs now which I am delighted about.

I'm 5'6" starting weight of 11st 8lbs and want to get down to 10st and see how I feel as to whether I want to lose more or maintain.

I have been strict, although indulged in several more gins of a weekend than syns have allowed for. When I tell people how much I've lost and they say well done, am I doing myself down to think: well, if it came off that fast it obviously needed to come off, or should I stick my head high and think yeah, I've worked hard for that?

I mean, I am very happy about it and it's not come off by magic and I think that's a lot of weight to lose in 5 weeks. So kudos. it being typically British or low self esteem to bash myself on the head saying ho hum big fat me, it needed going?

Does this even make sense? So many conflicting feelings about losing sodding weight.

OP posts:
Notmybag · 03/08/2017 09:22

I suppose the bit to be proud of is your ability to set a target and have the stamina and motivation to stick to it - this isn't necessarily weight loss related.

I, on the other hand, tend to be a 'giver upper' and would feel proud if I achieved a goal of any sort. I even struggle with simple goals such as drink more water every day, as after a few days I can't be bothered.

So be proud of your commitment to the task at hand and separate this from the weight loss if it helps.

Groovee · 03/08/2017 11:05

I hate attention so I do tend to play things down but as moving forward, I am learning to be much better at being proud and seeing my achievements and not feeling as embarrassed in image therapy.

monkeysaymonkeydo · 03/08/2017 20:09

You should be proud. Well done. You could have just carried on as you were but you made a choice to do something about it and have seen results.

FaithAgain · 05/08/2017 15:38

I feel a bit like that. I lost my weight quite quickly and found the plan easy (lost 3st in 8 months to get to target) I almost felt like I didn't deserve it. I've never been very strict and often go over my syns. But looking back, I remember all the times I wanted cake and said no, or declined that next drink...yeah, I deserve it! If you've made changes to lose the weight, then take the credit!

1wokeuplikethis · 05/08/2017 17:06

Actually that's very true, I definitely go without and have made big changes. No more binging on chocolate & crisps in the evening & haven't drank wine for over 2 months. Don't eat sandwiches any more as I prefer 2 alpen lights as my hex b...lots of changes and when you look at it like that it goes to show (myself) I am making conscious decisions so the weight comes off. It's not sheer luck! Will try & remember this in future.

I'm not good at bigging myself up in general but wish I could allow myself to feel proud about this!

OP posts:
FaithAgain · 05/08/2017 22:08

I've been at target for about 6 weeks now and I'm slowly allowing myself to feel proud! I still get a bit embarrassed by the compliments. I am still shocked by photos, I don't recognise myself! I saw a photo on the board at group the other week and thought Oh, I've got that top, that girl looks like me... it was quite a few seconds before I realised it was me! It's a big adjustment, it takes time.

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