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Starting today! Wanted: thinner/happier me

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twinkle183 · 29/05/2017 14:10

Hi ya Ladies

I know there are hundreds of posts about wanting to lose weight... and unfortunately this post is not going to be much different, except I want to try and document my journey.

Since my mum died a year and a half ago I have been in a massive sulk and the weight as piled on. I find complete comfort in food at the moment... and always grab the high in calories... e.g chocolates/biscuits etc.

I have good intentions and have started to lose weight so many times but this time I just can't seem to keep motivated long enough to make the difference. Does this seem familiar to anyone? The usual excuses of "Oh I'll start tomorrow" or "oh I have that event, so I'll start after that".... and so on.....

I am so, so over being overweight and miserable. I refuse to buy bigger clothes, so am stuck in one particular outfit or I hide in my PJs on days off... My question is how do I switch the old person off and become the person I want to be???? The person that was happy and slim and motivated to make the change? I also work shifts mainly nights and struggle with what to eat in order to make a difference on the scales.

I really could do with a gentle nudge in the right direction and hopefully once the wheels are moving then maybe I could stay motivated????

Any tips or words of encouragement would be greatly received...

Good Luck Ladies Smile

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Firefries · 29/05/2017 14:31

Hi! Well done on deciding to start making changes and finding a healthier you.
Well I would start to read some stories like from slimming world or weight watchers or just read people's blogs on losing weight (like before and after stories) and see how they began to eat healthy and lead a healthier lifestyle. You will be inspired by what they do and get some great tips on how to do it.
Then read around and find an eating plan you like. Then look up foods and recipes you can eat and foods you like - figure out a breakfast you like, a lunch and a dinner with a couple of snacks. Find something that looks easy to try out and easy to purchase. You don't want to run around trying to get foods you can't find or expensive foods etc. Start out easy and more basic. Then try a day or two of the menu and see how much you enjoy the foods. You see then you might realize if you eat lower calories, increased protein, less carbs etc that, A the food can be tasty, B you can feel fuller on less because protein fills you up, C to not be constantly hungry - I found high carb meals made me more hungry.
I also found eating less and keeping busy in new ways made me think about food less. If you make a few changes and see how you can do it I think you'll get going and find yourself losing weight. BTW you don't have to miss out on tasty meals just to eat healthier and lose weight. You can find healthier options out there. That's why I'd read around about it first (like look on Pinterest and on people's blogs) and get some ideas together. Then get your plan in place about the foods you will eat and the recipes you will follow. Being prepared helps so that when you are tired you don't make unhealthy eating choices. That comes to my last point - once you get your head on board with this and start to think differently you will just do it. For me my head not wanting to make the changes was my biggest challenge. If you can get inspired I think you will surprise yourself. Just a few ideas. I hope that helps.

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