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Homemade crisps

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Northernmum100 · 12/03/2017 16:59

At my meeting this week,someone was talking about making homemade crisps with mandolin, fry light etc. The group leader didn't mention they were a tweak or anything but I am seeing on t'Internet that some people consider that it is.

Thoughts/advice welcome. Ive just splashed out on gadget from Asda which makes them in the microwave with not even Fry light involved. Just a spud and whatever seasoning you choose. IT IS BRILLIANT. Perfect crisps totally fat free.

Hoping no one bursts my crispy bubble....

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icklekid · 12/03/2017 17:01

Technically tweak because your not eating potato as filling part of a meal. However in moderation I doubt it will do your weight loss journey too much harm

Northernmum100 · 12/03/2017 17:28

That's what I was thinking-one potato made into fat free crisps can't be too bad and these hit the crisp craving spot. Now if it was a sack of spuds I could see the syn potential so will eat only in moderation.

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Groovee · 13/03/2017 06:07

When I did SW in 2005 people went mad buying a thing from betterware to use in the oven and eating them by the dozen. That was when SW said you had to syn them.

If a "tweak" isn't stopping you losing weight then in moderation it will be fine but if your weight loss isn't moving then it could be whatever you are tweaking.

It was all the rage to use lasagne sheets to make salt and vinegar squares and doritos at the time too.

DorothyHarris · 16/03/2017 18:03

What is this gadget of which you speak I'm craving crisps at the moment 😀

highinthesky · 16/03/2017 18:08

If it goes in the microwave I can only imagine that it's a plastic box of some description?

I think you might be able to get the same effect with a spud+mandolin+kitchen roll+microwave on low power.

Northernmum100 · 17/03/2017 19:14

This is the gadget. Off to group tomorrow so will report back.....

Homemade crisps
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MayhemandMadness01 · 17/03/2017 19:16

What flavourings??? I need to know!!!

DorothyHarris · 18/03/2017 13:27

Oh amazing thank you, I shall have to go to asda asap!!

Northernmum100 · 18/03/2017 14:48

I haven't been very adventurous so far with flavourings-salt and pepper and then a hot chilli and salt grinder thingy, both of which worked well. My leader has told me that if it satisfies the occasional need for something crunchy then a spud made into crisps shouldn't cause any real problems but it isn't something I should be doing too often as that is likely to have an effect on my progress. I'm happy with that and will save them as a treat to have with my G&TSmileGin

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highinthesky · 18/03/2017 21:04

I've just Googled this device and the single review was not positive: <a class="break-all" href="//" rel="nofollow noindex" target="_blank">//

I'm still trying to work out what's so good about this piece of plastic Confused

Northernmum100 · 19/03/2017 08:26

Maybe a good job it was an impulse buy for a fiver then or I wouldn't have bought it! A little trial and error worked for me (different wattage microwaves =different cooking times and results) but it works for me now I have got my timings down to a fine art.

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