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How long do slimming world meetings last?

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Sunflower6 · 06/03/2017 20:29

I am thinking of joining slimming world, how long do the meetings last as I would need to arrange child care.

I am 5foot10 and a large size 14 and would like to loose a stone would slimming world be suitable for me, I'm quite shy and very nervous at the thought of going but just can't seem to loose weight on my own.

OP posts:
MinnowAndTheBear · 06/03/2017 20:33

You can quickly go and just get weighed and then leave, which might take 5-20 mins depending on how busy your class is and whether there is much of a queue. The "image therapy" group discussion part takes about 45 mins. So maybe an hour all in.
The first time you go, you will need to stay for the whole session. After that staying for image therapy is optional.

PlumsGalore · 06/03/2017 20:33

The "talk" is usually half an hour, but depending on how many people are members at any one time, weigh and pay can add another half hour. I stopped going to my class because she had so many new joiners the weigh and pay was taking an hour, it was painful. I will go back but to a different class or a less popular time of the year (new year resolutions and all that).

MinnowAndTheBear · 06/03/2017 20:34

And absolutely, SW is a great way to loose weight. I paid for a block of 12 weeks of SW and got 12 weeks for the price of 10.

fruityb · 06/03/2017 20:38

Two hours at my last experience!! She went round THIRTY SEVEN people asking them individually about losses and gains. I was livid when I finally got to leave!!!

fruityb · 06/03/2017 20:38

The diet works and I have lost weight but I absolutely do not stay for the meetings. I hate the falseness and the "babes and darlins".

BakerBear · 06/03/2017 20:39

They take an age!!!

But it all depends on how popular the leader is.

WaitrosePigeon · 06/03/2017 20:54

They speak to every member that stays for the group chat. It can be very painful if there are lots of people there. You don't have to stay though.

Groovee · 06/03/2017 21:39

We start at 5.30pm and are usually away by 6.45pm. It does take 30 mins to weigh everyone.

whereareyousleep · 06/03/2017 21:47

Ours start at 7 and go on until 8.45 I've only stayed twice in 7 weeks it's just too long I don't think they should have to go around every person. 'So and so has put on 1/2 a pound this week but has stayed for our love and support blah blah' just doesn't do it for me but I know it works for lots of people so who am I to judge.

ChessieFL · 07/03/2017 12:46

Just to let you know that most groups will welcome children as long as they're not too disruptive so you may not need childcare - depends on your child though!

Leggit · 07/03/2017 20:13

I'm there for an hour in total normally, smallish group though

legolammb · 07/03/2017 20:16

Mine go on forever - so unnecessary to go round absolutely everyone IMO. But can be motivating, so I weigh and go and tell myself I'll stay for a meeting once a month

beachbodyunready · 07/03/2017 20:44

I love the SW diet and find it easy to stick to and lose weight but the meetings! The length of the meeting is the only reason why I don't go anymore and as a result I am now 2 stone heavier nothing to do with chocolate Blush. They could go on for close to 2 hours by the time everyone had a turn. I just wish they could be a bit shorter like WW where it's 1/2 hour for everyone to arrive and weigh and a 1/2 hour targeted talk, so if you timed it correctly you could be in and out in 35-40 minutes.

fruityb · 07/03/2017 21:16

Why I stopped going. One consultant I saw told the same stories over and over and while she didn't do the image therapy or whatever they call it she could still talk for nigh on 90 minutes! Our half seven meet would last till nine. The second consultant was hell on earth and I couldn't leave because I hadn't weighed so had to sit through that. I hated it. I weighed and left and then decided that while I'm on maternity Leave five quid a week was a lot to stand on scales once a week. So I stopped.

I learned a lot from doing it and not buy the better meat cuts, cut down on cheese and use sweetener all the time. I also lost my taste for bread which was a big help!

Sunflower6 · 07/03/2017 21:44

Thank you for your replies, do they give you a diet plan to follow? I wouldn't want to take my daughter with me, she is 11 and wouldn't want to risk her getting issues about weight

OP posts:
Shamoffour · 08/03/2017 10:33

When you first go you will be given the new member talk. Your consultant will talk you through the plan and give you a pack with books in that give you all the information you will need. It might be worth buying a magazine. There is usually a seven day plan in it that you could follow if you wanted to until you become confident but in all honesty it's not rocket science. I have kids and I cook one meal for all of us (most of the time) family favourites like spag Bol, roast dinners etc.. Are all really easy to make on on sw with a few adjustments.
I have an 11 year old if you need to take her maybe she could sit somewhere else with her phone/tablet will you get the talk (takes about 20 mins) I don't think I would really want my daughter listening to all that for the reasons you mentioned. I tell my kids I go because I want to be healthy and sw teaches me how to make nice meals and stay healthy. I don't mention losing weight or say the word diet. I've lost 3 stone (2 to go) and now I'm a size 12/14 so I don't want them thinking my size isn't ok because it is. I just prefer myself a bit slimmer.

FaithAgain · 12/03/2017 16:53

I go to a fairly large group - about 150 members! Usually have about 50 people stay. We weigh in from 5.30. Usually start image therapy at 6 and aim to finish by 7. It does depend on the consultant. Ours will go through everyone who stays but tends to be quick with target members and those who are happy/doing well so that those who are struggling get more attention. I was really nervous my first time but found a really supportive group, lovely, lovely consultant and definitely feel welcome now. I'm so glad I started, I'd encourage you to go sunflower. Smile

goingtotown · 05/04/2017 09:48

Average 60 members at each group.Weighing takes 30/45 mins.Group talk an hour. My consultant doesn't ask individual members about their weight loss/gain because it would take too long with boring members talking about their good/bad week. She asks for hands up for losers, gains & those who stayed the same, it works really well.

LaGattaNera · 05/04/2017 13:01

I joined Monday at a 9.30 meeting. Consultant came over 10 mins later and went through the plan with me whilst people were weighing with 2 helpers (she told me weigh in is 9.30 - 10am) and then 10am she started the group talk which lasted an hour as she went round everyone and it was a large group.
Not sure if helpers carry on weighing from 10am or whether they have to stop - used to do WW and the helpers would carry on quietly weighing during the talk if required and the newbies would get details of the plan after the meeting as the leader would weigh along with one or two helpers for half an hour so meeting for regulars never more than an hour and members only spoke if they wanted to there was no going round the room. I do think the SW are a bit long and a bit tedious tbh however, I just want to lose half a stone and am bored of WW at the moment plus I tend to eat more treats on WW which although pointed, are still addictive for me.
SW meetings' length seem to depend on whether consultant goes all the way round the room and how many stay to the meeting - at least 30 or 40 at this one stayed but loads weighed and went. Not sure I could face the meetings every week once I get to target - would rather go to the gym as with the travel it is 9am - 11.30 out of the house!

Groovee · 05/04/2017 16:48

Our weighing is 5.30-6pm then image therapy starts and after that new members and late arrivals get weighed by the consultant.

Courgetti2203 · 14/04/2017 13:58

Definitely give it a go. I started at the beginning of the year. I was really nervous and almost talked myself out of going whilst I was in the car park. I even went back to my car as I changed my mind as I approached the venue. I have to say it was the best thing I'd ever done. I'm quite shy in new situations and was really nervous about what it was going to be like. I found the SW consultant really bubbly and friendly. She talked us newbies through the plan and answered all of our questions. The first time I stayed was a bit strange as there was lots of clapping, cheering etc due to weightloss and targets being met (and rightly so) but it all felt a bit school/'American'. Now, I absolutely love it and look forward to the sessions. Kids are allowed at our sessions, I go to a morning session so it's babies and toddlers. I've now lost almost 2 stones. I really enjoy the plan and it's given me a whole new lease of life.

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