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Snack ideas - from Aldi

Frozentinkerbelle1 · 14/01/2017 17:39

Hi. I am going to rejoin sw - I lost over 1.5 stone 2 years ago and I've nearly put it all back on.

Have to realise that haven't willpower to do on my own.

Meeting is midweek but doing weekly shop tomorrow.

Can anybody give me snack ideas so I'm not eating chocolate. Preferably syn free!!


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Northernmum100 · 15/01/2017 09:21

The mini quiche (no pastry sadly) are my snack attack choice. I make mine with all sorts in them - mushrooms, peppers, onion, ham,sweetcorn etc. Filling because of the protein and also handy for lunch with a salad or steamed veg.
Get some plain cottage cheese and eggs and veg etc from aldi and the recipie is on the SW website.

Good luck-I have been doing SW for a couple of months and love it๐Ÿ˜Š

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