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Target member over Xmas...

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DontFundHate · 18/12/2016 09:34

Hi all. Used to post here but NC since. I have been a target member for about 3 months. Did sw online so no support from groups and deactivated my membership once I'd hit target... Blush all going well until this month - I have put on 6lb! How on earth do you get through Xmas as a target member?!

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DontFundHate · 18/12/2016 09:35

Although actually I guess I'm not technically even a target member now! Sad

OP posts:
ginorwine · 01/01/2017 20:36

I'm a target member
I have simply made the best choices I can if there is one or just eaten what I wanted - will do speed days next week .
Wd that work for you ?

emwithme · 01/01/2017 20:52

I got to target in November. Was 1 lb under before Christmas, and a 2lb gain over Christmas means I'm now 1 lb over. Think it'll be another 1lb on this week.

I was 70% cheese last week.

I just tried to make sensible choices and stop when I was full, which is harder said than done.

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