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This 'tweak' thing 🤔

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Onetimeatbandcamp · 18/08/2016 13:28

Have seen conflicting reports on the use of tweaks, ie cheese scones made with smash instead of flour/tortillas with lasagna sheets etc. I understand the concept as to why they need to be syned, however, my question is, say you were to eat one of these tweaked cheese scones as your lunch, with a 3rd salad for example (extra easy) would you then have to syn them? I get the impression that what slimming world dont want is people snacking merrily on these items in addition to what they eat in a normal day thinking they are free? Is this correct? Am I making sense here? Lol!

This whole tweak thing is confusing, as there seem to be some really nice recipes out there, and I would not expect to be able to have 3 meals a day, and then nosh on all these tweaked things on top, I would plan to make them part of the meal itself.

OP posts:
Mull · 18/08/2016 21:12

I can't see the problem as long as it isn't more than you would have eaten anyway. I know someone who makes a smoothie every morning, using milk HEA, oats HEB and a load of fruit. Technically the fruit should be syned but it's the same amount that she would have eaten for breakfast anyway. Makes sense to me but maybe that's technically incorrect.

Themoleandcrew · 18/08/2016 21:15

I have the smash pizza quite a lot. I use the same amount of smash as I would if I was making mash and I have it with extra salad as a meal, not as a snack. It's never affected my weight loss

KP86 · 18/08/2016 21:22

I would only syn it if it was extra compared to how I would normally eat.

HOWEVER, if it meant that later that day I had extra food because I was still hungry, then maybe it should be synned? If that makes sense?

The reason cooked/processed fruit should be synned is partly because it is easy to eat more and partly because it doesn't keep you feeling full for as long so you may find yourself looking for a 10am snack whereas if you ate it whole you could keep going until lunch.

Not saying that's what's happening in PP's example, but it is the thinking behind it.

chough · 18/08/2016 21:29

Onetime you're right, it is confusing.
I would say, if there's a particular recipe you want to try, have it as part of a meal, as you say.
Then just see if your weight loss is affected.
It might just be a case of testing what you can get away with,without a poor result on the scales!

tabulahrasa · 19/08/2016 13:51

It's partly about the fact it's now a snack food, with a similar amount of calories as the original snack food, but without the filling power that the tweaked foods would have used normally at that time, but also because after having the tweaked food you might go on to eat more food afterwards than you would if you'd had 'proper' free food.

The way I look at it is... Tweaks aren't part of slimming world's plan, neither is saving Syns or going on a night out and going stuff it I'm completely off plan tonight and I'm having cocktails till I fall over.

But sometimes I (or people in general) do things like that, I'm happy that usually I'll usually still lose weight overall, but I accept that me not following it quite right that may affect how big they are.

Some weeks I follow it to the letter, some weeks I test it a bit, knowing that it won't then work quite as it's supposed to.

As long as you're aware that it's not actually part of the plan and are ok with your results it's your choice really.

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