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Slimming World

Life after Slimming world

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Puzzledbubbles · 13/08/2016 07:29

I have been doing slimming world for over a year now, not quite at my target but only a few lbs off and I was wondering what happens next?

Is it a normal life to go to meetings all the time?

Do I need to watch what I eat every day for the rest of my life?

If I don't go to group will I remember what I should/shouldn't do?

I had a much bigger weight problem in my 20's and went from a size 22 to a 14, I lived at that size for almost 8 years before I crept to a 16 (if I'm honest an 18) and that was when I went to SW.

Is it naive to think I can stop going and keep the weight off?

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lilacclery · 13/08/2016 07:49

Not a slimming world member but a leader in a diff roi based slimming club & what happens with us is you get to target you have a period of maintenance where your food is adjusted so we can figure out how to stop you losing more weight & then you're free to weigh in whenever you wish but at least once every calendar month. Sticking with your plan & attending class regularly even after getting to target means you'll never have to lose a large amount of weight again.

Puzzledbubbles · 13/08/2016 11:09

Thanks :)

Do you have many people who come intermittently without weight gain?

I just wonder if this is a healthy way to bring up my DD when I'm so focused on food.

I've had to have a major op this year and hoping I can resume exercise which would take the place of the sw class time wise

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lilacclery · 13/08/2016 12:46

Yes but the most successful weigh in once or twice a month. It depends on if you look at your lifestyle as a way of life or a diet to get you to a certain weight and once you're there forget it again. Being at a healthy weight longterm is a mindset

NapoleonsNose · 13/08/2016 13:34

I stopped going when I got to target. Wish I hadn't as I've put nearly all of it back on again. If you're the kind of person that needs the discipline of jumping on the scales and being accountable every week then I would advise still going. You don't pay once you get to target as long as you stay within 3lbs either way.

specialsubject · 13/08/2016 13:40

you do need to balance food in versus energy used for the rest of your life, yes. That's how it is.

you don't need to eat nasty 'diet' foods, sugary low fat foods, mushed up crap or any of those horrors.

if SW gave you the support to get to a healthy weight, fine - job done. But they have some damn funny ideas. No food is unhealthy in itself.

Puzzledbubbles · 13/08/2016 18:06

Thanks :)

Food for thought (pardon the pun) lol

I think I will try to reduce my meeting attendance and go from there. I really don't want to put it back on again!

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