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SW - how long do you have to join for?

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KP86 · 21/06/2016 21:09

Hi, looking to attend my first SW meeting tomorrow.

I saw online that you have to pay even if you miss groups, and so I was wondering what the minimum amount of time they expect you to join for is? I have a lot of weight to lose (20-25kg) but don't really want to be paying to go every week of the next year - maybe weekly to begin with and then fortnightly once I get the hang of it?

What happens if you're a few weeks in and decide it's just not for you?

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KP86 · 22/06/2016 07:08


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tabulahrasa · 22/06/2016 07:20

There's no minimum time, if you go and didn't want to carry on going, you just stop.

But you can't do it fortnightly and not pay for the missed weeks. You do get 6 holidays in a year though.

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