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Am so full up

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jollygoose · 10/06/2016 19:43

I am so full that I feel really guilty that I have over eaten and yet I have hardly had any syns today. Started the day with weetabix and fruit, mushroom omelette for lunch and a Slimming World Tikka Marsala from Iceland - delicious by the way with veg, then fruit in a 2 and half syn meringue nest.
Surely I cannot lose any weight after scoffing that lot can I?

OP posts:
Ringadingdingdong22 · 10/06/2016 21:17

It doesn't feel like it's possible does it? But yes you can. Although I fell off the wagon a bit today and had a krispy Kreme donut. I'm hating myself a little bit tonight. Confused

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