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Nandos Quinoa salad - how many syns do you think?

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justonesherryformedicinalpurpo · 26/04/2016 08:29

I love this salad and I have it with lemon and herb chicken but I can't estimate the syns as I'm fairly new to SW. I don't want to go for butterfly chicken and rice with corn on the cob or salad just because it's already figured out and I don't mind if the salad is higher in syns.

It's basically a mixed leaf salad with sweet potato (free), quinoa (free), some Feta (healthy extra A), and some avocado. Perhaps a 1/4 standard sized avocado? Plus how many syns in the lemon and herb chicken breast do you think?! If I remember rightly it's just one piece whereas the butterfly is two? But then I guess I'm counting the syns for sauce and not the chicken!

Any help, even if a rough guess would be really helpful!

Thank you!

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