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deli1976 · 18/02/2016 17:41

Just had the pork and apple, well worth the 3 syns each

OP posts:
ThoughtfulPenny · 18/02/2016 17:55

The paprika ones are gorgeous (1 syn for 2). Trying zesty chicken tonight!

Katenka · 19/02/2016 07:22

The app says the paprika ones are 0.5 for two, I think. Will double check.

I have only had the chicken ones, some are half a syn each and some half a syn for two. Really delicious.

Sirzy · 19/02/2016 07:24

I like the zesty chicken and the paprika ones.

The paprika ones are lovely in a pasta sauce

AKP79 · 23/02/2016 14:23

Where do you get the Heck chicken ones from. I'm in a small town and we only have a small Waitrose and a Lidl's here and neither stock them :(

deli1976 · 23/02/2016 15:01

Tesco have them, our local morrisons dont stock them either.or in sure they have a website that you could buy online 😊

OP posts:
Katenka · 23/02/2016 15:39

Our asda and morrisons have them

OrianaBanana · 23/02/2016 18:14

I love the paprika chicken Heck sausages! 0.5 for two! Can't go wrong xx

AKP79 · 24/02/2016 16:10

Thanks ladies - I'm going to have to take a road trip to Asda and stock up!

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