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Want to join sw what to expect

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PinkSlipperQueen · 03/12/2015 13:24

Please help me I need to do something about my weight in the last 5 years I've had 3 babies all via csection I've gone from a size 10 to 22. My tummy is just a flab ball with mega mummy tummy hang. I have heard about sw and want to join a group but don't know what to expect and I also have really bad anxiety so I am worried they will get me to stand up and do things that I wouldn't be comfy with. I can't stop eating and think it's stress related. I do eat probably 60% healthy diet but do eat crisps etc. Diet coke addition also. I think I'm not ugly but pretty sure H doesn't fancy me anymore we haven't been intimate in over a year now. I don't blame him I look like a fat pig. Please help me x

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emmaluvseeyore · 03/12/2015 13:33

I'm an online member, so can't tell what a group is like. However, with your anxiety, you may find doing it online better as you don't have to see anyone in person. All I do is enter my weight on the website once a week after weighing at home, and then use the support features on the website when needed. I've lost nearly 3 stone in 10 months, going down from a size 24/26 to a 20/22. I've reached the stage where people have started to notice which makes me feel great obviously!

I think I'm probably addicted to Diet Coke, so I limit myself to one can per day and only drink it at lunch time so the caffeine doesn't affect my sleep. It is my only source of caffeine though as I don't drink tea/coffee.

BernieBear · 03/12/2015 14:06

Hi Pink - I joined group three weeks ago. There is nothing to be nervous about. You will go along and have a sit down chat with the leader who will go though the plan with you and explain everything. By this point you will notice that there are people around, paying and weighing. Once you have finished your chat, the meeting will start usually discussing a certain subject on weight loss or how to manage in difficult situations i.e. on my first week it was all about food found at Christmas parties/buffets and which were low syns and which were high etc. You can be as involved in the meeting (or not involved at all) as you wish, no judgement. At the end of the meeting you will weigh in (no-one will know your weight, all very low) and you will be given your pack and card. Most groups have their own facebook page which you can join so that you can ask questions during the week/get support. After this first meeting, you can go along pay and weigh in and make a choice whether you stay for the meeting or not, it is up to you. Hope this helps x

OrianaBanana · 03/12/2015 14:21

In our group the consultant goes round everyone in group saying how they've done, congratulating them on losses and commiserating on gains then talking through your strategy for next week. All very supportive and no judgement. However you can ask the consultant to skip you or just say hello at that point if you prefer. xx

PinkSlipperQueen · 03/12/2015 22:00

Thanks guys. I joined and want to 1st meeting tonight. How do I work out my syns though? She didn't go through that with us.

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KittyOShea · 03/12/2015 22:07

Hi Pink

The most common syn values are in the biggest book in your starter pack. If you download the slimming world app you can search for food on it and find the syn value too. You can eat 5-15 syns a day. I usually aim for 7 or 8 to maximise weight loss.

SW has made such a difference to my life. I've lost almost 3 stone since June and gone down 3 dress sizes almost without ever feeling hungry. I have tons more energy too. Many people at my group have lost any more quickly.

Good luck and feel free to join us on the big SW thread.

KittyOShea · 03/12/2015 22:09

The thread is Slimming World support part 3.

Would do a link but haven't a clue how to Grin

PinkSlipperQueen · 03/12/2015 22:24

Well done Kitty!!! That's so good, good for you xxx

So 7-8 syns a day then? Our group leader was really on ball and fingers crossed this is the way for me to lose weight.

OP posts:
KittyOShea · 03/12/2015 22:41

At least 5 and try to stick with no more than 15. I do go over at least 1 day a week but try and make up for it afterwards. They say you shouldn't save up syns but it's worked okay for me so far. Will probably be harder as I get closer to target though.

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