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Pregnancy and slimming world

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MrsPeggyPatch · 03/08/2015 21:04

So, after a successful month on slimming world and a half stone award I have now discovered I am pregnant. This is a good thing and partly why i was trying to lose weight. I'm about 6 weeks so I'm really loathe to tell anyone, only dh knows. I want to continue with slimming world and I had read that you can do it when pregnant. I've not been to the docs yet was going to hold off a couple weeks but will obviously tell them when I see them. But when do I tell my sw consultant? What changes in the diet and what is realistic weight wise- I'm on the larger side so is it realistic to try and not gain any weight in pregnancy? Thanks all!

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anyoldnameforathread · 03/08/2015 21:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsPeggyPatch · 03/08/2015 21:41

Thanks Anyoldname that's really helpful and congratulations on your weight loss (and baby!).

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honeysucklejasmine · 18/08/2015 09:33

I'm approaching the end of the first trimester now, so hoping that once I can eat properly again, I can do slimming world. Anyone else? Smile

jaylajayne · 20/08/2015 15:38

Hello! Smile
I've just found out that I am pregnant with my second (4+6), put on 4 stone pregnant with my first and have only managed to shift 1 stone since he was born (Aug 14). Following Slimming World throughout my pregnancy, hoping that I limit my weight gain and a bonus would be to lose a few lbs (BMI currently 30), although I won't put the baby at risk of course. Bit worried that having an extra A and B every day is going to make me put on too much weight. Didn't realise I was pregnant last week and lost 2.5lbs. Sickness has made me go off fruit completely. Can't get enough of jacket potatoes with beans and cheese though!!!

Seeyalater · 24/08/2015 14:28

Hi Smile I've just found out I'm pregnant with number 2 and still not quite back to pre preg weight from number1 yetBlush I'm only 4 weeks, already a slimming world member, and I really really want to drop my bmi a tiny bit more before my first midwife appointment when bmi becomes official!! I've got 5 weeks, no pressure Confused

obsessedlex · 01/09/2015 11:32

Can I join you lovely ladies?
I'm joining Slimming World tomorrow as I have lots to loose (about 3 stone) and am also ttc #2.

blondiejess1982 · 08/09/2015 00:02

I have started slimming world today (old school green day at home mind you!) my reason for this is because I am 11 weeks now and have gained half a stone purely through feeling so sick that I have been eating rubbish and not exercising much. I have started to feel a teeny bit better (still sick but not grossed out by food so much) and I find Slimming World helps me eat much more healthily, which can only been a good thing. I always worry about the volume of calories I am eating when doing SW mind you. Although it's got to be less than what I have been scoffing lately (crisps, biscuits, all things bad)

jaylajayne · 10/09/2015 08:09

How is everyone getting on? Have to admit juggling a house move and returning to work after 13 months off with my first has pushed me off the wagon! Nausea has kicked in with a vengeance, I find I want salty and savoury foods more than anything. Need to find a new group as I'm in a new area, really want to be able to stay for image therapy but I'll have my little one with me :-/
Weighed myself last week and I'd put on 5LBS in just over a few weeks. That puts me at 13st 3lbs, which at 5ft 5 is obese :-( Feel so ashamed, never struggled with my weight before I had my first baby. I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow and still waiting for the midwife to call me back for my booking in appointment. My weigh in days at home are on Fridays, what about everyone else? Ive resigned myself to being under consultant led care the same as I did with my first, although that was because my iron levels were severely low I almost had a transfusion, and I was measuring very large (ended up having a 9lbs 14oz boy by c-section). Still, I'm hopeful that this pregnancy can be better and that SW can still help with my health and weight management!

jaylajayne · 10/09/2015 08:09

Sorry for the ramble Grin

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