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Slimming World

started slimming world at 22st3lb

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KBoniRose · 30/06/2015 14:46

HI! I started slimming world on Thursday I need an outlet to chat about with others :) (although I am on the fb page, still find it weird to post on there) today ive eaten:
2 alpen bars (HXB)
Muller Light Smooth Toffee
also going out for dinner later and im worried about what I am going to eat!

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emmaluvseeyore · 30/06/2015 16:12

Welcome to the SW journey!! I started about 3 months ago now.

If you can, check out the menu online so you can try and work out what your best option would be. Don't be afraid to ask for swaps (e.g. jacket potato instead of chips) or ask for sauces on the side/not at all.

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tearsofrobertsmith · 02/07/2015 14:32

May I suggest you have a look at Worryingwombats inspirational thread? She began her journey at the same weight as you and is transforming before our eyes! I want to lose around Five stones and have lost 10.5 in two weeks, love this plan! Good luck!

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Fiddlerontheroof · 02/07/2015 14:42

My SW things that keep me going

Plan meals out for the week for the family and me every Sunday, do the shop on Monday

Make a big Spanish omlette and have it for lunch for 2/3 days each week

Plan more interesting evening meals

Use all my syns on the weekend for beer and chocolate :)

Be really good, and practically syn free during the week

Avoid hi life bars crisps ect, snack on fruit and free food only

Have diet drinks in the house for the evening

Have a freezer full of ice lollies to snack on in front of the telly. Del monte orange juice lollies and smoothies current favourite

Plan meals out before going, so look at menu online, don't be afraid to ask them to cook something in a different way, substitute chips for jackets etc.

Have one day a week as an SP day or very low calorie : overnight oats for breakfast, omlette and salad for lunch, salmon steamed, and broccoli for tea with sweet potato chips

Make batches of curry for the freezer for ready meals

Once a month do an Iceland shop with some sw meals as treats for when I can't be arsed to cook

Write off a bad day, and get straight back on it

Good luck! Xxx

I started at 17stone 8 and I'm now 11 stone 13lb :)

I'm the talk of the playground lol, and my ex's wife OW looked pig sick when she saw me last week

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