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annielostit · 22/06/2015 10:35

How much do you do and do you feel hungry?

I train with weights 4/5 times a week and this week could eat the world. Not much cardio, I'm not a runner.
Not changing the numbers n the scales but my shape is better.
Maybe i m not eating enough.????

OP posts:
SheHasAWildHeart · 22/06/2015 17:57

Hi I've moved in from the Davina 7 min workout to do HIIT workouts with FitnessBlender but only using 1kg weights. I find I get really hungry after them but I just stick to some fruit & water which makes me feel ok. I've seen no difference on the scales but I can see a difference in the mirror and clothes that were tight on me before are now loose. I still have a Kim Kardashian bum but my waist has really gone down!

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