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Brill start and now can't lose!

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PinkParsnips · 14/05/2015 08:40

Just wondered if anyone else found this.

I lost 2 stone 2.5lb in the first 12 weeks (want to lose another 3+ so still a way to go) but for the past 3 weeks of doing exactly the same I've lost 0.5lb in 3 weeks!

I'm even doing an SAS log this week being 100% honest and still can't see where I'm going wrong! got on the scales at home this morning (I know! but they always match group ones) and they say I've gained a bloody pound! Angry I just don't get it. I did 3 days of SP last week for the first time and only lost 0.5lb!

yesterday I had:

35g weetabix minis HEB
milk allowance HEA
Chopped banana

Leftover diet coke chicken
1/2 pack asda giant cous cous (free)
roasted peppers, onions, courgette, cherry Toms
small fruit salad - raspberries, melon, few grapes, satsuma

5% mince beefburgers x 2 (no bread)
massive salad
balsamic dressing 1 syn

dairy milk oat bar 7.5syn
total 8.5syns

Help me please! what am I doing wrong?! Confused

OP posts:
Crouchendmumoftwo · 14/05/2015 12:18

Hello, I started in January and have lost nearly 2.5 stone I have 10lbs to go and it's becoming more of a struggle. I think your body gets used to it. I think you need to eat less overall and cut down on your syns. I dont tend to have syns at all if i can help it, its my bday next weeks so I will.

Make sure you are drinking a lot of water.

From your diet above I would say - weetabix - check if it has sugar in, but id find an alternative to it if possible on some days so go for boiled eggs or fruit.

I think you are crazy eating a dairy milk oat bar, I think that will stop you from losing at this stage! Id put on a pound just eating that. I think seriously you ant lose eating sugary choc bars at this stage they have to go. Have an apple instad. One beefburger instead of two, but you are better eating leaner food than beefburgers which are still fatty, so a chicken breast etc. YOur main culprit is the sugary bar!

ArcheryAnnie · 14/05/2015 13:00

This is normal - the fatter you are, the more you lose, quicker (I don't know why - possibly because a bigger body uses up more energy?)

It sucks that it all slows down the longer you go on, but that's what happens if you are consuming the same amount.

MisForMumNotMaid · 14/05/2015 15:03

If you go on the NHS BMI calculator it gives you a calorie range a person of your size will probably be consuming per day. If you look at what it was at your start weight you'll see a good fee hundred calories difference in the upper end of the range. If you then enter your target weight you'll see how much further it'll drop by.

I've lost 5 stone on slimming world and fairly recently got to just under 25 BMI. I hit a bit of a month long plateaux in December. One week I was the only person at group to gain which was a bit infuriating because like you I was well within syns and eating lots of free foods.

I revisited my portion sizes and my fruit snacks. I was munching away on maybe three little apples a day that I didn't really need to eat, just got in the habbit of picking up. I stated reading packs for what a portion is. Some pastas say 50g. I use best part/ all of a 500g bag whether its just DH and I or us and the three DC. I didn't vary the amount I cooked but did vary the amount I plated up. Finishing my smaller version before going back for seconds if I felt i wanted it. Most leftovers make good freezer meals so its not creating waste. I probably had 150/ 200g pasta before, now its more like 80/100g. Same with rice and chips.

Your meal plan looks good, lots of free foods. You could swap the banana for a speed fruit rather than a free one like frozen mixed berries. The only other question, like others have said, are you drinking plenty. Without wanting too much info are you regular/ is your body in a good routine?

PinkParsnips · 14/05/2015 16:12

Thanks both of you, I knew the time would come where I needed to reduce the syns and get rid of the choc but I didn't think it would be so soon...

I thought you were ok to use your syns on anything? I dont tend to use them until the evening. I first saw the oaty bar on the consultants table!

I'll have a look at the weetabix, I've been trying to mix things up / reduce sweet things so changed my B choice to those instead of hifi bars. I have that 3 days then bacon/eggs/toms/mushrooms maybe 1 or 2 or fruit and yog about 2 days.

I've downloaded the water balance app so have been drinking 2 litres of water for about 2 weeks.

Totally agree on the mince and it's not a usual dinner - we eat a lot of chicken & veg/salad, risotto and stir fry mainly.

OP posts:
PinkParsnips · 14/05/2015 16:19

Thanks Misfor that's good advice I'll go on the NHS site and have a look at that. And congratulations on your weight loss that's fantastic!

I've always been fairly careful with pasta / rice portions as I have PCOS so I know too much pasta doesn't work for me so I tend to weigh it still.

I've never been that regular tbh but things are same as always really! I have been incredibly bloated the last 2 weeks but that's due to an ovarian cyst.

I could reduce my fruit too as I've been taking a quite decent sized fruit salad to work. Might do homemade houmous and veg instead.

OP posts:
annielostit · 14/05/2015 17:13

IMO your noit doing anything wrong.
A bigger person will initially lose more but over time it will balance out. Your body is used to ' dieting' and will stall the losses. Its a natural reaction you can't stop.
I would shake it up a bit, more veg, 2-3 fruit Max.
If you've pcos and having a bloat time from that you'll bloat all over. Its surprising how much it can be. Don't give yourself a hard time. I've got a thyroid condition that can bloat me by 4lb/week.
Make your choices lean & unprocessed as possible, do a bit of body magic if you do, and have your syns like its designed.

MisForMumNotMaid · 14/05/2015 18:26

One women at our group swaped fruit snacks for veg snacks for a week and dropped 4lb. I doubt it was just a fruit veg swap. I think its a combination of reanalysing and body evening out other goo weeks when theres not been a loss too. Instead of a banana it was carrot sticks and syn free humus etc.

I'm more of a fruit than veg person and i think eating lots is good but at the end of the day its all calories.

I do lose more without any syns but wouldn't want to live that way. I'd say I generally had about 5 during the week with a few more to allow a glass of wine/ choc bar on a weekend. If you feel you're over depriving yourself you're more likely to have a splurge and lose the plot. If i've been ultra good i tend to stop counting syns and then by not totting up go over.

If an oaty bar does it for you have an oaty bar. For that many syns I'd rather have a pack of hoola hoop puffs 3.5syns, a mini milk ice lolly 1.5 syns, four home made merringue kisses 1 syn and an individual mini chocolate lindt square (works out just about 1 syn). But thats the whole point of syns whatever works for you. Its your treats.

Crouchendmumoftwo · 14/05/2015 21:51

PinkParsnips I feel a bit bad for bullishly criticising your menu which is very good. I think eating syns in the evening - is going to make you put on afterall you have slowed down in the evening and your body will store fat. Best to keep carbs and sugar to a low.
I feel somewhat similar to you. I did so much exercise this week, 2 body attack classes, one body pump class, one 4.6 run up and down hills, one 4.6 run, one 5k run in the gym. Thought id really stuck to a diet, eaten very little syns, eaten hardly any carbs, tons of veg, i even went out last night and had 4 diet cokes no alcohol and ceasar salad with no carbs, dressing or olives and anchovies, basically lettuce and chicken. I went to weigh in tonight and i had STAYED THE SAME!!!!! Arrrrgh. The week before id lost a measly 1lb with the same exercise and 1lb the week before. I have to lose to get to 10.5 stone and Im 5.9. Im currently 11.4 and the scales are hardly moving downwards.

My husband who is a fitness fanatic says i now need to change my exercise totally and jolt my body and go harder on my diet saying just cod and greens : ( I dont see any other option. Its mine and his birthday next week and we have 2 meals planned in lovely restaurants so he said i need to go much harder on my diet. God. I also feel as if im getting noowhere and constantly hungry and thinking about food - so I wanted to let you know that !

MisForMumNotMaid · 14/05/2015 22:08

Crouchendmumoftwo, do you go to group? Have you spoken privately wih your consultant about how you currently feel about your loss?

I'm not as slim as you aim to be so have no direct experience but the point of slimming world is you shouldn't be hungry. If you're cutting out lots of plan acceptable foods, having no syns and feeling hungry and craving all the time it doesn't sound like you're doing slimming world anymore. It sounds a bit like you're picking up/ feeling pressured by different bits of diet advice and trying everything to get things moving.

We've a lady at group who wants to be bottom end of her healthy BMI range, excercises lots and swears by eating regular decent meals and having a drink on a Saturday night. She's not far off her target. Everyone is different but I would expect your consultant has seen lots of people in a similar position to you now and could help you be on plan and seeing loss.

Lots of things effect the scales time of month is one for me.

You've had a fantastic loss in a fast timescale, and with all that excercise you must be feeling really good. I hope that you have lovely birthday celebrations next week and celebrate how far you've come on your loss journey. Ironically sometimes a blow out seams to kick start the losses again for me.

ArcheryAnnie · 14/05/2015 22:09

I recommend coley (or pollack) and greens, Crouchend! (Cod is endangered, and coley is cheaper.) I once lost a lot on coley poached in tinned tomatoes. (But then got preg and put it all back on again.)

Crouchendmumoftwo · 14/05/2015 22:44

I get weighed each week and have stayed for chats but I dont get much really from it. The weigh in is what drives me! Thanks MisForMumNotMaid for you kind and thoughtful words good luck too. That is funny about the blow out as I can imagine that too! : ) Fingers crossed! Ha.

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