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Syn counting

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chairandchairalike · 25/04/2015 19:50

If I use 1/2 a portion of the 'suggested amount' of a syn, can I half the syn? E.g. Say 100g of Chinese food is 9 syns, if I weigh 50g out, do I count it as 4.5? Thanks

OP posts:
MisForMumNotMaid · 25/04/2015 21:22

Yes a half portion is half the syns.

Syns round. They only diving by two though so 1/2 syns are okay but not other fractions - round up/ down as appropriate.

chairandchairalike · 25/04/2015 21:58

Great thank you. Also just checking am I ok to think of my syns as 70 a week (so 10 a day) and allocate them according to what's going on e.g 20 syns on after work drinks but for the next few days low/no syns or does it have to be daily counting?

OP posts:
MisForMumNotMaid · 25/04/2015 22:04

They used to allow you to save them up. Now officially its 15/ day and for odd occassions you have a flexi syn day where you just decide how many syns you're having and stick to that number then get back on plan next day.

My consultant says allow a bit of give and take and let common sense prevail. So if you have five syns a day Sun - Thursday then having 25 on A Friday shouldn't throw your week.

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