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Quick questions from a newbie

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thekitchenfairy · 28/02/2015 07:06

I think need a group or a plan to spur me on and keep me on track. But SW Meeting times in my town are v tricky for me so thinking of signing online and buying some books to help with family meals.

Does anyone do this online? Or do I need to go to a group? If I go to a group do I get access to all the online stuff to help? How on earth can I get my head round this? It must work, I know friends who have lost loads and kept it off but that was years ago on green and red.

What is optimising? Can I only ever snack on fruit and veg? Sorry for all the questions. 2.5 stone has crept on in 2 years of going back to .ft work and I am heavier than I have been outside of pregnancy v low about it. Need to sort myself out....

OP posts:
annielostit · 28/02/2015 09:29

Hi kitchen, a complete newbie?
Here's the basics.
The plan can be done online, as long as your honest with yourself.
If you can cook for your family now, you can quite easily slimming world the recipes, no extra books need really.
You get online access if you attend group, there's also fb groups within classes.
Optimising is the word used for eating the sw way - food optimising, using food to its best effect.
The plan is now extra easy, not red & green. It does what it says on the tin.
You eat free foods, lean protein, eggs, fish, non fat yogurt fromage frais. Then add free forms of rice pasta grains potatoes , then add in one third of your plate with free vegetables, the more the merrier. Its all free if you don't add fats & oils. And as much fresh or frozen fruit you can eat - but not cooked.
You have 1 portion of milk or cheese a day plus 1 portion of measured fibre rich bread, cereal or cooked fruit a day. These are called healthy extras a & b. One of each.
Snack on any free food you like not just fruit or veg. You might like crab sticks dipped in banana, its freeSmile

You get a treat allowance called syns - between 5 & 15 a day, to spend on wine biscuits chocolate mayonnaise. Anything that's not free or hex choices.

A day could look like,
B - scrambled egg with 60g of wholemeal bread toast, hex b choice.
L- baked potato with big salad, sliced ham & 30g of cheese. Hex a.
D- spaghetti bolognaise followed by fruit salad and 0% yogurt.
Snacks, a banana some crab sticks, a chicken leg all free.
Then a glass of wine 5 syns and a 2 finger KitKat 5.5syns.

And that's the plan!!!!
Does that help?? X

thekitchenfairy · 02/03/2015 09:05

Hi Annie
Thanks for reply, that is really helpful.
So I can't get my head round potatoes and pasta being free... Really???? But it sounds like so long as I am eating lots of fruit and veg I am doing ok so long as no oil.

Yesterday was:
Activia 0% yogurt vanilla and a banana
Stir fry veg mix steamed with soy sauce
Roast, but potatoes in fry lite and veg steamed.
Syns from 2 glasses of wine, meringue with elmlea and strawberries...

Not the greatest start but getting there...and feeling optimistic SmileSmile

OP posts:
dexter73 · 03/03/2015 10:57

What healthy extras are you eating? The rest of it looks ok though. Just remember to actually measure the wine out - my idea of a small glass of wine is quite a bit different from what it actually should be!

annielostit · 03/03/2015 11:28

My wine must be like yours, I count 30 fo r the bottle!

thekitchenfairy · 18/03/2015 06:08

Lol at counting 30 for the whole bottle Grin

I'm struggling with this tbh, office full of feeders and an entire cupboard devoted to biscuits. I'm standing firm on the biscuits and just eating apples etc but I am just looking for something to crunch on all the time,while 8 people around me munch biscuits all day. I'm not having a great time in the job and trying not to come home and not fall into wine once DCs homework done etc. think I am an emotional eater.

Yesterday lunch was easier as ate a huge lunch of pasta with 2/3 salad on the plate. Really full and only ate a banana on the commute home, no need for

HEB is 400g brown loaf, warburtons or a hi Fi bar. HEA is almond milk for coffee or cheese.

OP posts:
blacktreaclecat · 18/03/2015 06:42

Am thinking of doing slimming world as well. I can't get to our local group this week but might be able to next week.
Anywhere to get the resources online until I can go or is it best to wait? Annoyingly I have a voucher for free joining fee but it is only for this week.
I normally shop at Aldi- is this doable? I can do Sainsburys to stock up on fry light spray etc- any recs of what else to buy? What cereals for breakfasts, salad dressings? I've read about cup a soup being free or something?
Good luck kitchenfairy

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