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Cottage Cheese

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WittyAndCleverUsername · 26/02/2015 14:03

I've seen a few threads with people asking about cottage cheese and thought I'd throw this in to the mix.

I buy the value range cottage cheese - being a saddo, I compared the nutritional values on a pot of Tesco Everyday Value Cottage Cheese against a tub of their 'Healthy Living' range and the cheapo stuff is actually lower in calories and fat than the healthy version and its only 64p a tub compared to the healthy range at £1.40 its more than half the price.

Just thought I'd share - loosing lbs and saving pennies, always a winner!!

OP posts:
Blondie1984 · 27/02/2015 23:29

I always buy that one too - and the Asda value one

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