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Really struggling

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Chocolou · 15/02/2015 15:29

Started sw 4 weeks ago and have lost 3.5 lbs. I've gone over syns on most of those weeks due to meals out and birthdays.
Trying the last two weeks to get into it and I can't help myself from making bad choices and going over syns. I hate myself for it. Really want to do it but I constantly sabotage it.

My meals are fine it's the snacking In between.

I need help. My consultant isn't supporting me terribly well despite telling her I'm struggling.

OP posts:
MisForMumNotMaid · 15/02/2015 15:44

Congratulations on a 3.5lb loss amidst a hectic social calendar. Just think how pre slimming world it could have been a 7-14lb gain over the same period.

Are you sure you're happy with your meals? If you're not feeling full / satisfied is this whats leading to the snacking?

Do you have lots of under 5 syn snack choices in like small chocolate bars, french fries crisps(4.5syn), mini milk ice lollies(1.5syn), humus and veg batons (free), mug shots (free), boiled eggs, spicy chicken fillets ( i cook a big bag of chopped up breast then freeze in snack size portions. 30 secs in the microwave and its a satisfying snack).

I don't think pretending to you you can just carry on snacking on higher syn stuff and having all your meals treats out will help you. Something has to give. Its all about choices. Whats your motivation? What do you want to achieve from losing weight?

If theres no great time pressure then losing roughly a pound a week as you currently are isn't such a bad thing. Thats a lot of weight over a year and more likely to stay shifted if its gently dropped off.

If thats not enough for you, look at your social calendar and meal and snack plan your busy weeks for fewer syns.

Something has to give if you're not happy. Only you can determine what that something is.

Chocolou · 15/02/2015 16:14

Thanks mum! My meals are all healthy cooked from scratch and third super free but I seem to always want chocolate. I think it's a massive problem for me.

I'm not prepared snack wise so you're right i need to sort that out.

I don't like my body at all. Would love to lose a stone by easter when we goto Cornwall.

OP posts:
MisForMumNotMaid · 15/02/2015 16:33

Is that Easter thats 7 weeks away? So a stable no blowouts 2lb a week for seven weeks or are there a few dates already in the diary that you just know are going to be indulgence/ booze fests Smile?

Be honest with yourself. Its dooable if you plan. But if you've got other stuff going on in that time too, realistically even people like me with no life have one or two unavoidable high syn event things going on, you're going to have to plan in some seriously pared back syn days too.

Would you consider a few days of SP plan at some point to see if that gives you a boost?

muminthecity · 15/02/2015 17:13

I've lost quite a lot on slimming world so far but do find snacks hard, especially when out and about. Can you tell us the sort of things you are snacking on now? Then maybe we can help you find some low syn alternatives.

silky80 · 15/02/2015 18:27

Do you have a lot to lose?

I'm fairly similar but suppose only have to lose 11lbs but weight loss is really slow. However I have found slow loss being ok ie 1/2 lb as life does get it the way and you can't stop socialising etc.

I've been doing it 4 weeks I think now and loss just under 3 lbs that lovely week so perhaps next week when I weigh in then a better result.

I think I was expecting 2/3 lbs off at least in the first couple of weeks esp as I am doing the 1/3 sf as well ( well not hard being vegetarian).

I haven't been good with her as in I haven't been using them.

Chocolou · 15/02/2015 22:44

I'm 12 stone and 5'3. I don't look that fat just a curvy hourglass. I guess I'm lucky my tummy is quite flat so don't look as fat!! Ideally I should be 9/9.5

At the moment my choc fix is bad. Had my last night out tonight which is good as I never and mean never go out.

Think bored at work doesn't help and if I'm upset or pissed off at home ill go straight to biscuits

OP posts:
NiceCupOfTeaAndALittleSitDown · 15/02/2015 23:02

Hey Choco, welcome to the frustrations of SW! I have lost 5.5 lbs in 6 weeks. I know if I hadn't been on SW I could easily have put on the same. I think the thing is to look at the bigger picture - a small but steady weight loss is better than not trying at all. I graze at work too, but have plenty of fruit on hand and I literally eat constantly all afternoon - melon, strawberries, apple, kiwi, orange. It keeps my mouth moving, my brain occupied and food in my belly, and keeps me away from the chocolate/biscuits. Picture thin you, it helps motivate me.

midori1999 · 16/02/2015 00:36

I find being organised helps. Also, I am greedy and I can't stand being hungry at all. I eat huge meals, although always include at least 1/3 plate superfree, if not half. I try to eat 'treat' meals if I fancy a blow out, so I make chicken kebabs by cubing chicken, marinating in tandoori spices and yoghurt and then roasting on a baking tray with onion wedges and peppers. I have it with garlic mayo and a wholemeal pitta and it's a huge plateful and I always feel like I've had a real treat. The same goes for burgers. I made a huge slimming world burger last light with two burgers, two halves of chicken breast, 2 rashers of bacon and some ranch dressing as well as two slices of low low cheese. I made syn free onion rings to go with it and again, I felt like is had something really 'naughty'.

For sweet things I tend to have either fruit or an options hot chocolate or sponge fingers (the sort you get for trifles) are only a syn each and I have them instead of biscuits. Choc shot chocolate sauce is low in syns too and is nice to dip strawberries and bananas in. Or meringue nests, either on their own or with fruit and fat free Greek yoghurt mixed with vanilla and a bit of sweetener is a bit like Eton mess.

midori1999 · 16/02/2015 00:37

This was last nights burger...

Really struggling
midori1999 · 16/02/2015 00:39

Kebab, just to give an idea of portion sizes.

I do have about five stone to lose, but I usually lose 1-6lb a week (not just in my first week either)

Really struggling
muminthecity · 16/02/2015 10:22

Chocolou- you can still have chocolate. I have chocolate every day and still lose 2-3lbs each week (have lost 6 stone in total.) I always have Freddie and dairy milk little bars in the house as these are only 5.5 syns each.

I also save my B choice for the evenings (my worst time for snacking) and have either a Hifi bar (the rocky road ones are nice and chocolatey!) or a bag of salt and vinegar Ryvita minis if I fancy something savoury. Sometimes I have the Ryvita minis along with a mini bag of maltesers (4.5 syns) which feels like a real treat!

muminthecity · 16/02/2015 10:23

Midori - your meals look delicious! How did you make the onion rings?

muminthecity · 16/02/2015 10:24

Meant to say freddos not Freddie!

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