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SW while pregnant?

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MammyL · 19/07/2014 23:14

Hi all. I've just found out I'm expecting number 2(around 5 weeks) and have been attending sw for 6 weeks now. I could do with shifting 2 stone easy ( I'm currently 13st and 5ft6) before my first I was 10.5st and only gained a little over a stone when pregnant but since gained a lot. I've been worrying myself that I don't want to gain any extra weight and wondered if others had continued with it ( I will be finishing my 6 week course I have left) and what loss, maintains people had while pregnant?

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welcometouniversallychallenged · 06/08/2014 12:45

I did SW through pregnancy. I was 14st 3lb when I started, lost weight (6lb) during the first trimester, and was 16st 1lb at my last weigh in before having the baby. I found that it wasn't so much about what I put on/ gained/ maintained during pregnancy, but how it prepared me to get the weigh off after. It's been 10 months and I'm 12st 10lb at the moment, and hoping to lose another stone by November. I'd say it's totally worth doing, if for no other reason than it will help you to eat intentionally rather than slip into 'eating for two' habits. Just remember not to worry too much about your gains, as every baby is different and it needs what it needs, but it'll help you to cultivate good habits through pregnancy so you don't have a mammoth task after, when you'd rather be having newborn snuggles and sleep!!

Sarahg1 · 12/08/2014 08:31

Hey guys, I joined sw again last night in the hope of losing a few lbs whilst we are trying for a baby and had hoped to keep going when I eventually get preggers - what are the actual rules about sw during pregnancy? do you follow the same rules? more HE?


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