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Going it alone, am I doing it right? put weight on

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FerneySatin · 18/06/2014 13:41

I can't dedicate the time or money to do it properly so I'm kind of following it to the best of my understanding ... trouble is I'm putting weight on! Could be to do with time of the month but my clothes are feeling tighter and I'm actually looking fatter. To be fair, I've only been on it a week but cut out alcohol and sweets completely (very good for me!) and I've put on 3 lbs.

Example days:

Breakfast - lean bacon, scrambled egg, mushrooms, beans and one slice of wholemeal toast.

Lunch - honey roast ham, extra light cheese triangles and salad.

Dinner - Slimming world recipe spaghetti bolognese

Snacks - fruit and muller light.

Breakfast - Toffee muller light with a banana and handful of no added sugar muesli

Lunch - Jacket potato with tuna, beans and salad

Dinner - slimming world recipe shepherds pie

Snacks - slimming world recipe banana bread, options hot chocolate

Breakfast - 2 alpen light cereal bars and fat free natural yoghurt

Lunch - slimming world pasta/tuna salad

Dinner - Slimming world recipe tika masala

Snacks - muller light, fruit

I'm also running around a mile a day.

So why am I putting weight on? am I doing it wrong? I never feel hungry, infact I usuallly feel very full after one of their meals and can't even face a desert - even a fat free one!

OP posts:
storminabuttercup · 18/06/2014 15:34

You don't seem to have many syns there. It's all about the whole package. Maybe add some in and see how you get on?

Rockchick1984 · 19/06/2014 12:47

Are you making sure you have 1/3 superfree at each meal? Are you eating / drinking extra and not counting it (I'm a nightmare for picking at DS's leftovers)? Are you eating until stuffed, rather than until satisfied? Drinking enough water? All easy mistakes that will sabotage your weight loss.

ThedementedPenguin · 26/06/2014 13:03

Also if you don't eat the correct amount for healthy extra B is turns to syns

lady1980 · 26/06/2014 13:11

You should try and include your healthy extras every day ,
maybe up your superfree/superspeed fruit and veg,
up your water intake

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