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two weeks in

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Ohnonotagen · 16/05/2014 14:04

2nd weigh in today, lost 2Ib the first week, and 2.5 this week. Really happy with that, thought i'd put on this week as had DS's party at weekend and ended up snacking on the party food, then had to have wine after the party to recover!!

I'm not finding it too bad to follow really, not had to change my food significantly except cutting out sandwiches/ toast that i used to have for lunch and cutting down on snacks.

Have about 3 and a half stone to lose but feeling positive!

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Blondeshavemorefun · 27/05/2014 19:44

welcome jessie

and weetabix cakes are yummy

b fruit
l sw pizza
t chicken rice and veg

did go to the seaside yesterday and had fish and chips ....... but didnt eat the batter and had maybe 4 chips, so basically had steamed fish and paid £7 for it Grin

littlejessie · 28/05/2014 16:14

Just googled - yes weetabix cakes sound good! I also read about babybel burgers on another thread which sound like they should be tried out at some point soon!

B - branflakes, grapes and yog
L - tomato soup (homemade)
D - Ham and onion omelette with HE portion of cheese

Syns - homemade cheese scone with soup (planned), and croissant with butter and jam presented to me by a colleague - probably lethal but couldn't say no!!!

littlejessie · 28/05/2014 18:43

FAIL on the dinner front! Was so hungry when I got home I had 1 slice wholegrain toast with cheese, 2 cream crackers with cheese and two satsumas.

I need to plan more effectively as I quite often nibble away when making the kids dinner.

tabulahrasa · 29/05/2014 01:28

Jessie - extra easy is as far as I can see, everything free on red and green is free, but, you only get 1 HE A and B choice instead of 2

Poppiesway · 29/05/2014 22:53

I've found a nice dessert. As I do have such a sweet tooth I was googling in Pinterest.. And found a dip made from quark and chocolate spread. So I had half tub of quark and a tbspn of choc speead mixed in well..
I poured it over chopped up fruit. Was lovely and chocolatley. And 4 syns. Mmm

themightywalrus · 30/05/2014 16:02

Hello all, could I join in too please? Had my first weigh in yesterday & lost 4lb! I'm soooooo pleased. I was fairly strict with sins, but will have a few more this week to make it a bit more bearable! Menu today:

B: banana & satsuma
L: jacket potato with beans & cheese (healthy extra)
D: cajun chicken & chips (recipe from July's SW magazine)
Snacks: apple, cherries

I haven't had any bread today (healthy extra), so might have toast & marmite soon - feeling peckish - before I get my little girl from nursery.

Hope you're all having a good day!

eandh · 30/05/2014 20:04

Missed updating this week as half term took over! Well done everyone on weight loss, I had 3rd weigh in only lost 0.5lb but pleased as had 2 meals out (steak, huge salad and a few chips at one and carb free burger salad and chips at other but also caved and had the caramelised cheesy garlic bread and enjoyed every mouthful, do and the kids had Chinese Sunday night I had a bit but was very strict about it and didn't go over my syns) that's 8,5 lb off in 3 weeks would like 1.5lb off this week to make a round 10lb lol!

I have found my snacking worse this week, I was organised and used to take a huge tub of chopped fruit for work but didn't today and caved when the biscuits came out with the tea run. Dinners aren't too bad, had grilled bacon, mushroom, tomato, fry lite eggs and toast for tea so minimal syns but felt like a treat. The 2 weeks I had big losses I def ate a lot more fruit and veg so need to get back into the routine.

Still drugging for lunch ideas, salads are fine when weather hot but when it's cold and miserable I don't fancy them and think I may have o'd on jacket spuds

Blondeshavemorefun · 30/05/2014 23:11

Well done for the losses - Agree half term makes things harder :(

Sts tho did have a huge chunk of cheese the other night while working so that didn't help

Quark is wank !!!

Ohnonotagen · 30/05/2014 23:30

little jessie>> Extra easy plan seems reasonably straightforward and i've managed to follow it, altho i don't claim to be an expert!!

Basically you have super free foods which are fruit and veg, then you have free food which are are things like chicken, meat,pasta, potatos etc etc

Each day you can have one healthy extra A and one healthy extra B. Can't remember which way round they are but one is things like dairy, cheese, milk etc and the other is bread, cereal etc.

I tend to use my healthy extras on breakfast- wheatabix with milk then loads of fruit on top, then the rest of the milk for my tea in the day.

The basic idea is that each meal should be made up of at least one third super free and then mainly free food but you may have extra ingredients that you need to syn.

Also i think the key is that free food doesn't mean you can eat of much of it as you like, it means you can get as much of it as you need to feel full.

OP posts:
harrygracejessica · 02/06/2014 15:42

My 3rd weigh in last week I maintained - was fine with that after too many ice creams, a meal out and a Chinese! Been pretty good this week so will see what happens Wednesday :-)

eandh · 03/06/2014 19:27

Weigh in day (4th one) and lost 2.5lb so feeling very happy as did have a few moments of stuffing my face last week..def the weeks I cut down bread and eat more fruit are my bigger weight losses
Wk 1 4.5lb
Wk 2 3.5lb
Wk 5 0.5lb
Wk 4 2.5 lb

Am going extra hard this week to attempt to get my stone award next week x

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