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Feeling bloated and full all the time?

Titsalinabumsquash · 06/05/2014 10:07

I started Slimming world again nearly 2 weeks ago, I'm doing EE, this is new to me, last time I did SW it was just red and green.

First week I lost 5lbs which was great, this week I have followed plan 100% yet woke up Saturday Morning looking 6 months pregnant! My stomach was round and bloated and I felt like I debated a Christmas dinner twice over!

Because of this I jumped on huge scales (I know, I know, I never weight between groups but I felt like I was loads heavier) lo and behold I was 3 lbs heavier Sad I'm still feeling the same today though, although I've not weighted myself. I'm not constipated although very windy Blush and I have this low lever nausea and sensation of being stuffed all the time, even after sipping a glass of water I now feel like I'm going to vom from being to full.

Does anyone know why this might be? I don't have regular periods says I'm on cerazette so I don't think it's due to that.

I'm going to stay on plan regardless, I find it keeps me from gorging on chocolate and sweets but I think I'm going to be getting either a gain or I will have stayed the same when I go to weigh in on Thursday morning.

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