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chloeb2002 · 09/02/2014 00:43

Now I know the answer really to my question is to just be more determined. But.. Ok.. Any suggestions welcomed.. I am a nurse. I live and work in Brisbane in icu. I work at least one night a week. A family of 4 young kids too wrangle when I get home. .. I only do one night at a time do most nights I can eat dinner.. Go to work. Drink coffee... More coffee.. But by 6;30am the sun is up.. And I'm starving. It's a 45 min drive home. Arghhhh I just repeatedly give in and get junk food.. To firstly fill me up ( I tend to just feel sick!) Hmm and guilty.. Help.. Tonight I will take a box of fruit and done Quorn slices and see if I can munch those till I get home and can motivate myself to make a big lowsyn breakie! Any other shift workers? Any suggestions of free foods to munch on over night.. Or foods that will satisfy my post night duty.. Exhaustion munchies! Grin
I have lost 6 kg .. So it's working but once I fall off the wagon.. It's so hard to drag myself backonHmm

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greensnail · 09/02/2014 15:35

Hi, I'm a nurse working nights too. I generally make sure I've cooked something syn free for dinner before I go and take an extra portion with me to work. Something like a pasta or rice dish works well. I usually try to eat this at about midnight to fill me up before I get tempted to start snacking. Then I have fruit and yoghurt with me to eat when I find myself needing something sweet, usually about 5am.
Then I usually have scrambled eggs for breakfast once I'm home (after taking kids to school).

I feel like I'm eating huge amounts of food but it's working well for me at the moment!

chloeb2002 · 09/02/2014 22:42

Thanks.. Today I have done ok! I had some Quorn.. And now home a coffee and fruit.
I even got trough without loads of coffee! (Milk) :0)
I made weetbix slice too yesterday for some sweet pickings.

OP posts:
jimmijam · 16/03/2014 15:01

I work nights permanently.
I have dinner before Work, a cereal bar before each round, a mugshot or premeasured and mixed posts with free yogurt at around 1.30am, tub of fruit at around 4am, a lot I know. Next few days will be interesting as I'll have to stay awake all day between nights :/

drhw · 24/03/2014 03:26

I'm a nurse and do two nights a week I make sure I have a nice filling dinner before work. Then midnight I have a mug shot and some fruit. Then after my break at 4:30 I have a cup of tea a muller and a banana. The weetabix or porridge when I get home

jimmijam · 24/03/2014 06:46

Drhw I'm so glad to hear that! I don't feel like a pig anymore! Usually eating so much at night isn't out of hunger though it's in the search for energy to keep me awake

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