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First Attempt Support - please!

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Sparkle86 · 23/10/2013 08:50

Hi (coming out of semi lurkerdom to ask for support!)

I'm currently around 10st, and a size 10 (I'm around 5'2ish tall).

Ideally, by the beginning of December (or maybe Xmas?) I'd like to be in a size 8 part dress and losing some of my chubby tummy.

I've not really got time for the groups - so am going it alone with the books.

I'm hearing conflicting things about meals being 1/3 superfree foods - is this a must? (friend who does groups says not..?)

Yesterday I ate:

B: 2x wholemeal toast (Healthy Extra), scraping of butter (2 syns). Cup of tea with 1x teaspoon of sugar (1 Syn)
L: Potato & Leek Soup #(home made by chefs at work), 1/2 a large wholemeal finger roll (3 syns?)
D: Lean steak, Less than 3% fat chunky oven chips (1kg =10 syns), poached egg and baked beans - (2 syns for chips?)
Snacks: 2x apples, 2x bananas, 1x fruit tea, 1x tea with sweet & low sachet, 2 small choc bics (oops! 6 syns?)

I make that a total of 14 syns which is still in the recommended 10-15 syns allowance (must drop the chocolate!!)

Today I've so far eaten:

B: 2x wholemeal toast, butter and baked beans (HE and 2 syns). Cup of tea with sweet & low (free?)

Lunch is planned: Jacket potato, salad, tuna mayo (premade by work - 2 syns?)

No idea about Dinner but will snack on fruit throughout the day.

Does that sound right, or am I missing something?

(sorry if this is really long!)

OP posts:
FlapJackOLantern · 24/10/2013 12:09

I think you are doing really well. You can do SW chips which are Syn Free:

Part boil chunky chips. Pat dry. Spray with Fry Light and put in oven. Turn half through cooking. If you use the new 'mesh fryer' called Quickachips you won't need to turn:

I confess to using all my Syns on my cups of tea. All our family (4 adults) eat SW every night so it makes it easier for me Grin

I have joined 2 Facebook Groups for recipes. They are quite good. But most of my recipes I got from the Online SW website (you have to be a member though).

tabulahrasa · 24/10/2013 12:22

The 1/3 superfree isn't essential, but it will help it come off quicker if you get to a point where you plateau a bit.

The slimming world chips, I don't parboil, life's too short for parboiling, lol...I just cut a potato into wedges, spray with fry light and cook them like that, it works fine.

I think it's great if you cook from scratch a lot anyway, things like bolognaise are dead easy to make for'd be harder with convenience foods, though there are a few rubbishy snacky things that are free - I love that if you get to the end of the day and you're hungry you can just have low fat super noodles and they're free, lol.

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