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Is it just me?

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TheTempest · 01/10/2013 10:15

I joined SW last night and I have no idea what I am doing. I had an activia 0% fat free yoghurt this morning with banana and porridge oats. What would that all be classed at?

I did ww before and it was so much simpler!

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teenyweenytadpole · 01/10/2013 18:16

If you have no idea what you're doing your consultant didn't do a very good job! Can you ask her for help? Do you have all the books etc? You should have been given a folder, the one with a brown cover that says "there's so much more...." on the cover explains it all. It's quite easy if you plan what you're going to have.

The banana is free, the yogurt prob is too but depends on the flavour as some yogs still have syns, look it up.

The oats I think you can use as a healthy extra b but you'd need to weigh them, 30g I think it is.

Good luck it really is a flexible and easy system, just focus on extra easy until you get your head round it.

Catchthepigeon · 04/10/2013 21:20

I completely understand as I felt this way when I started (have also done ww). I agree with the other poster, read through your books and plan your week. If you can stick it out for a couple of weeks it will fall into place (honestly!). I find SW much better for eating proper meals with decent portion sizes (I'm greedy!!) than ww but you do have to cook from scratch to get the benefit of the plan.
Your breakfast was spot on - fat free yoghurt will most likely be free (you can check on website or app), banana is your third extra free (fruit and veg) and 30g of oats would be healthy extra B. If you made up the oats with milk you would need to take this from your healthy extra A choice.
Good luck :)

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