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My hummy or v tech v hush pro?

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Snugglemonkey · 02/11/2022 11:37

Just as the title says really. I am due shortly and wondering which to buy to help with sleep. First DC had Ewan the dream sheep but I thought maybe something that responded to the baby waking might be better and found the fancy looking v hush pro, but then my hummy lily is cute. Anyone tried them?

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ChittyBang1987 · 02/11/2022 20:58

Never tried them. We did alexa all night when we discovered pink noise around 4 months to help sleep regression and then due to rubbish Internet we brought the track and play through a speaker on an old phone. Works fab. I know it's not what you asked.... but may help. I heard the toys things react too late and baby is awake before activating.

somethingslastforever · 06/11/2022 23:09

I think all those things are gimmicky. I put Ollie the Owl away at 12 weeks, didn't seem to make a bit of difference anyway. DS sleeps perfectly in his own room with no white noise, I know it's recommended by a lot of sleep trainers but I always think if they can do without them it's better again. It's a sleep association regardless of how you look at it, in my opinion anyway

BellaCiao1 · 06/11/2022 23:16

We never needed to use one - even though we got given one as a gift. Why not wait and see first if you need it.

Givemeallthegin8 · 06/11/2022 23:32

We still use myhummy for our 4 year old !
you can also put it on repeat for 12 hours. We bring it on holidays and nights away , really handy to block out background noise .
Absolutely recommend!

Snugglemonkey · 06/11/2022 23:36

Thanks. We go away quite a bit and I like the idea of being able to recreate as much of a sense of home as possible.

OP posts:
Youcancallmeirrelevant · 06/11/2022 23:40

We use ollie the owl as comes on automatically! DS loves it (9 weeks) and it settles him to sleep quickly. We have used it since birth

FebMama · 06/11/2022 23:58

Initially I got a Snuzoud when DS1 was born but after a few weeks I turned to myHummy as I loved how you can have it on continuously for 12 hours. Still use it now with my almost 3 year old and it works a treat!

JennyMumsnet · 15/11/2022 12:44

Hi @Snugglemonkey thanks for posting! Just wanted to pop in and point you in the direction of our page for the best white noise machines. It's made up of collated consumer reviews as well as recommendations from Mumsnet users. Hope it's of some use, please let us know if you've any feedback on the page Smile

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