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GRO Clock

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JPVM · 16/01/2021 08:00

My DS has been waking around 5am for the last month or so now, I've tried all sorts of things from cutting naps to going to bed later etc.
I am not looking into sleep trainer clocks and can't decide between
Gro clock by tommee tippee
Little Hippo mella clock
Does anyone have any experience with any of these?

OP posts:
TenThousandSpoons · 16/01/2021 08:03

We had a gro clock and it’s fine. We also had a very simple one before that which was just two pictures, one with an animal sleeping and one with it awake and you set the time for when the awake picture lit up. On the gro clock stars count down through the night so if they wake in the night they can see if it’s nearly morning or a long time until morning.

Needcoffeecoffeecoffee · 16/01/2021 08:05

We have a gro clock and used it for all mine. Fine to use no problems with set up etc. I dont think the lead is super long but hasnt been a problem
My dd has just come in at 7.30 to say she woke up when it was yellow very pleased with herself.
She does however ignore the blue stars at.3am to get into my bed.
My eldest used to run in saying "its 2 stars mummy or its 1 star mummy"
You may have more compliant children than me who understand the concept
Good luck

Callingallskeletons · 16/01/2021 08:05

We had/have a Gro clock and it’s made zero difference, DC fully understand how it works/what it’s for but just don’t care 🙈

I spend more time saying “has the sun come up?” than anything else in the mornings, kid just doesn’t need sleep

Bmidreams · 16/01/2021 08:07

Couldn't recommend the gro clocks more. They can't make your child sleep, but provide structure and rules. They can see that there are still stars on the clock so it is still night time. It also gives the parent something to blame, ie. Sorry the clock says it's night time, you can't get up yet. Be realistic though, you can't set it for 8! I'd set it for 6 to start with maybe, if they are currently waking at 5.

ginandchocs · 16/01/2021 08:10

We have used gro clocks with both of our boys and they've been great. My youngest (4) still has his and is great at staying in bed until the sun on his clock is shining! Would definitely recommend.

OnTheBenchOfDoom · 16/01/2021 08:14

My sons are now teens but we did have a glo clock and it worked a treat.

The way to make it work is to not get them out of the cot/room until the sun is up. You have to reinforce the sun being up as the only time they will be allowed out of their room.

CoffeeRequiredNow · 16/01/2021 08:17

I thought about getting a gro-clock for all the reasons you mentioned, but couldn't believe how expensive they are! Totally overpriced in my opinion.

Bought a timer plug for a fraction of the price, attached it to a lamp and taught my child that it was sleepy time until the light switched on. Took a week or so, but it worked.

Still use it now, 10 years later, but to set the timer for his lamp to go off in the evening once it's time for him to stop reading and settle to sleep.

Bmidreams · 16/01/2021 08:21

There's usually second hand clocks on eBay.

c24680 · 16/01/2021 08:24

My daughter is 2 and a half and started waking up at 5-6 instead of 7, got the gro clock and told her not to wake mummy until the sun comes up. It's taken a week or so of tears and shouting for me but she's now waiting for the sun!

Definitely recommend if you've got the patience to keep up the routine despite any tears.

TierFourTears · 16/01/2021 08:26

DS2 had a groclock.
DS1 had something that looked very much like the Mella.
DS2's clock went ages ago. DS1's has been replaced this Christmas- he is at secondary. So about a 5 year difference in life.
The ability to set a "you can get out if bed and do something but not wake parents" is really useful if you have one who us just going to be an early waker no matter what (looking at you, DS1, 6am lie in child). Both my kids are on sunrise alarm clocks now.

Biscuits25 · 16/01/2021 08:29

Mine lies in bed shouting 'it's not yellow yet Mummy!'

My kid is an arsehole though! 🤣

Needcoffeecoffeecoffee · 16/01/2021 10:45

Both mine too @Biscuits25

We have told them and explained how it is meant to work and they know full well but just don't care.

I'm waiting till they're teenagers when revenge will be mine!!

vixb1 · 16/01/2021 12:34

My daughter is nearly 4 and it definitely works for us. She'll sit in bed and "read" her books until the sun comes on.

Some mornings though, like this morning, she was sat in bed shouting that she's ready for it to be morning now and making a lot of noise about not being sleepy anymore.

I find she likes to save that for the weekends, when you'd really really like to have a little extra. That's when she decides all bets are off!

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