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Get 10% off Boden stuff and help mumsnet too

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Carriel · 09/07/2003 16:06

Just a quickie as I've just had my email reminder that the new Boden stuff is about to go on sale. We are now part of the Boden affiliate scheme, so if you click through to Boden from mumsnet's home page button (top of home page) not only do you get 10% off, you also earn mumsnet a small but nevertheless welcome commission (in same way we do with Amazon). Also the more people spend, the greater the percentage of commission we get - so do yourselves and us a favour - if you're a Boden fan (as I am) please get your stuff through mumsnet.
Actually I think the same now applies to John Lewis -(button on top of Talk)... great businesswoman I am I'm not even sure...but again if you're thinking of buying from John it'd be great if you did it through mumsnet.
Shameless adverts over - apologies if I've offended anyone!


OP posts:
Tissy · 09/07/2003 16:53

Carrie, of course you're allowed to advertise, it's your site

I didn't know that you got a commission from Amazon(don't visit home page very often). Luckily it's dh's birthday in a fortnight, so I'll get him some books and CDs!!

bayleaf · 09/07/2003 20:51

Wow excellent Carrie - dh is very happy - he's a died in the wool Boden shopper lives and dies in their clothes at the weekends so that's very welcome news!

masterchef1 · 02/05/2013 03:21

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