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Is it possible to hide a whole topic or just individual threads?

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VengefulKitty · 09/02/2010 19:19

I really want to be able to hide whole topics that have proven to be of no relevance or interest to me, but are very popular for others and can therefore occasionally dominate my Active or Last 15 minutes pages.

Is it possible or do I have to keep hiding threads each time?

OP posts:
smackapacka · 09/02/2010 19:21

Yes - go to customise

I never have to decide who is being unreasonable ever again!

VengefulKitty · 09/02/2010 19:25

Ahhh smackapacka you diamond! Off there now.

Thank you!

OP posts:
southeastastra · 09/02/2010 19:25

i exclude tons, like weaning and skiing

RustyBear · 09/02/2010 19:26

Yes, you can ignore whole topics - go to Customise, then scroll down to the bottom where you will find a section named
'Ignore topics in Active Conversations'
Click where it says go here and you'll find a list. Click on the topic you want to exclude & then on the Move selected to excluded button. You can select multiple topics by holding down the Ctrl button as you click.

smackapacka · 09/02/2010 19:27

Although every now and then I find myself peeking at subjects that have no relevance to me or my life at all.

Step-parenting/adoption type stuff just to keep me grounded!

VengefulKitty · 09/02/2010 19:33

Aha! Mad thing is - I have been on that page before when I was poking about with settings! e.g. I don't read threads in pages, it is all one long string... but totally bypassed the exclusions!

I just hid 46 topics and feel lighter for it

OP posts:
Dumbledoresgirl · 09/02/2010 19:37

There are weaning and skiing topics?

VengefulKitty · 09/02/2010 19:43

Yes!!! There are. I also hid those along with Chicken Keepers!

OP posts:
Dumbledoresgirl · 09/02/2010 19:45

I don't recall hiding them but I have never seen them. Just seen a topic in Active Convos I do need to hide though: pushchairs. Off to do it now.

You see, I rather like chicken keepers, even though I don't keep any. It has crossed my mind to do so, and I like reading all about the chicken illnesses and run ins with foxes - just to put me off.

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