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can i ask a few slightly sad qs

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TheElephant · 04/02/2010 16:28

  1. can you tell what sites people click OFF mn to go on to = thereby looking at advertising potential?

2. is tuesday still busiest day

3. when does traffic peak

4. what day is worst for arguments?

do you have teachers pets?
OP posts:
BoysAreLikeDogs · 04/02/2010 16:37

I read somewhere that traffic peaks between 9pm and 10pm, was it in one of them MN for PM-stylee articles recently??
brimfull · 04/02/2010 16:41

wouldn't it be awful if they had one of those who's online lists, bet it would be huge compared to posters

TheElephant · 04/02/2010 16:58

wht do you mean?

OP posts:
JustineMumsnet · 04/02/2010 17:30

Erm yes!

  1. Yes irrr they go to next and boden and the daily mail and the graun but we'll check to see if that's still right

2 Yes tuesday top day followed by monday, Sat is slowest

3. busiest hour between 9-10, followed by lunchtime

4. Week before full moon

5. Yes and we're v bribable
TheElephant · 04/02/2010 18:36

i am justines teachers pet

I am out and proud

OP posts:
JustineMumsnet · 04/02/2010 18:39

You certainly are TheElephant - it's always heartening to instruct interested and attentive mnetters (though we could do with more bribes)

TheElephant · 04/02/2010 18:40

it is interesting though
ok an a supplementary

what has been the most complained about ro deleted thread

OP posts:
TheElephant · 04/02/2010 18:41

(snigger at attentive - once head girl always head girl )

OP posts:
NoahAndTheWhale · 04/02/2010 18:43

When you say people click off mumsnet to go to different sites, does this happen when people click on links within threads?

Veritythebrave · 04/02/2010 18:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JustineMumsnet · 04/02/2010 22:42

Yes Noahandthewhale it counts if you click on a link.

Will have to think about contentious threads, there have been so many .

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