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Those banners are really beginning to irritate.

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EssenceOfJack · 25/01/2010 21:29

Are they supposed to appear across the middle of a long thread, thus making the entire post behind it illegible?
Cos they are.

It has been happening for awhile but it is on every long thread now. Very annoying.


(using firefox, if that helps)

OP posts:
HelenMumsnet · 26/01/2010 12:36

Erm, no, they're most definitely not, EssenceOfJack.

Are you able to send us ([email protected]) a screengrab of what you're seeing?

LoveBeingAMummy · 26/01/2010 12:37

I get that too sometimes......

EssenceOfJack · 26/01/2010 20:05

Well of course I can't find a long thread now...hang on.
emailed you

OP posts:
HelenMumsnet · 26/01/2010 22:00

Thanks EssenceofJack - and weird or what?

Will show your black blobby things to the Techs tomorrow.

EssenceOfJack · 26/01/2010 22:36

Ooh, are they my black blooby things?
Can we call them Jack's black blobs of doom?

OP posts:
HelenMumsnet · 26/01/2010 22:43

Don't see why not.

Unless anyone else wants to stake a claim?

EssenceOfJack · 26/01/2010 22:48
OP posts:
EssenceOfJack · 03/02/2010 21:10

Have sent another email, they are still there!

OP posts:
HelenMumsnet · 04/02/2010 15:32

Email received and answered!

It turns out to be a Google ads problem, rather than a Mumsnet problem.

We're on the case in a Google-hassling kind of way...

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