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Could we have a sticky thread/link for donations for Haiti?

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claraquack · 14/01/2010 16:23

Hi Mumsnet
I know this probably isn't how things are normally done but there doesn't seem to be many respondants to the thread about donating to Haiti.

I realise people have a lot on their minds at the moment with the snow and everything but there are a lot of people out in Haiti who need all the help they can get. Including a lot of babies and children.

Is there any chance you could put a link to the DEC for donations somewhere on the site or perhaps making the thread about it a sticky one so people don't have to keep bumping it?

Sorry if this is a complete no-no and would set precedents etc.


(sorry I am in the Caribbean so probably feel more strongly than most).

OP posts:
dittany · 14/01/2010 16:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rindercella · 14/01/2010 16:30

An absolutely great idea Clara.

teenyweenytadpole · 14/01/2010 16:33

You can also donate to Unicef, I did today as they take Paypal and I had some money in my Paypal account.

StewieGriffinsMom · 14/01/2010 16:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

claraquack · 15/01/2010 10:17

I guess not. Any reason why not?

OP posts:
MmeLindt · 15/01/2010 17:08

Any news on whether we could have a sticky thread about Haiti?

Is there going to be any kind of MN raising action?

claraquack · 15/01/2010 18:04

I am slightly annoyed at the total silence from MNHQ on this.

I will give them the benefit of the doubt, hopefully they are just run off their feet and don't simply think this is not an important enough issue even to reply to this request about?

OP posts:
JustineMumsnet · 15/01/2010 18:29

Claraq - sorry we didn't see this til now. We have already made this thread a discussion of the day so it's pretty much on every page of the site at the top. We'll also do a block on the home page linking to this thread
Thanks for your suggestion.

claraquack · 15/01/2010 18:36

Thankyou! Wasn't sure how else to bring the request to your attention.

OP posts:
JustineMumsnet · 15/01/2010 18:36

(We've tweeted the how you can help thread and added it to our facebook page too)

claraquack · 15/01/2010 18:38

Thank you again. Totally behind the times and have no idea how to tweet or read tweets but I am sure it will be useful.

OP posts:
MmeLindt · 15/01/2010 18:39

Thanks Justine. Will get tweeting.

Cheappinkfizz · 15/01/2010 18:59

Can you post a link to the facebook page pls?

GeraldineMumsnet · 15/01/2010 19:19

It's here

Cheappinkfizz · 15/01/2010 19:36

Thanks Geraldine, I was a member of another mumsnet group on facebook which is why I couldn't see the update. Have sorted myself out now!

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