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*** help! help! help! *** i URGENTLY need to find an old thread...

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yousaidit · 11/01/2010 13:16

...and my email isn't working so i can't email mnhq but hoping some one who has more brain cells than me (that would be anytyhing from 3 onwards )can help track it?

we bought an electrolux range / double cooker off an internet site after someone on mumsnet flagged it up. i know either in the post or withingn a reply in the thread they said their dh worked the trade and it was a genuine offer,

we bought the cooker in jan or feb last year, i've bee4n through the promo codes topics for jan and feb 08 but can't find it and i desperatley need to find the retailer site name!

or credit card holder only hold smnts for 6 months then you have to order them, and as i am secondary card holder dh needs to ring them and he is away till weekemnd working so def won't be able to call them as he won't have a clue!!!!!!

pleeeease can anyone help????

OP posts:
MadameMoe · 11/01/2010 13:21

you can email MNHQ by clicking on report in the blue block at the top of your post...

Hassled · 11/01/2010 13:26

Have you gone to Advanced Search (top right for me) and put in the model/brand? You can refine the search with approximate dates.

OliviaMumsnet · 11/01/2010 13:56

Hi there
I've done what Hassled suggested with electrolux as the keyword but can't find anything I'm afraid
If you can think of other key words on which to search you may be more fruitful
Sorry about broken email

MaryMungo · 11/01/2010 16:12

Maybe this?

yousaidit · 11/01/2010 16:20

marymungo, thankyou so much for looking but that isn't the one. it was a very exciting 'omg! look at this total bargain' with a link becuase the cooker was reduced from about £1100.00 to about £650!! and i remember some comment aboput some ones husband working in this sort of trade and it def being a good buy.
thankyou all for your help.

i did find out the date i purchased it, but will have to wait til w'end to get dh to order smnts.. aaarrgghhh!! i hate having to wait to sort stuff out!!!!

OP posts:
MaryMungo · 11/01/2010 17:35

Other threads from that time that might jog your memory: -a-leisure nd

Maybe it was on chat?

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