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How do you make a complaint against someone?

6 replies

HappyHuggy · 01/07/2005 20:36

I think theres another email other than contact us isnt there?

cant find it though


OP posts:
WigWamBam · 01/07/2005 20:37

[email protected] will do it, Huggy.

stitch · 01/07/2005 20:37

i think youll find that lots of people have complained about this person. i know i have emailed, and others have too.
nasty nasty nasty person....

HappyHuggy · 01/07/2005 20:37

found it!!!

OP posts:
Whizzz · 01/07/2005 20:47

Can the MN team not also 'tidy' up the photo thread as it really it horrible & vile to say things like that about someones child.

zebraZ · 01/07/2005 20:50

MN Towers will indeed delete the messages if they decide they were horrible enough.

Flamesparrow · 01/07/2005 20:50

Go away for an afternoon and it all kicks off!

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