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Poor prents school parking

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Zuki · 07/01/2010 11:54

I beg you (sad I know) to support our campaign to get councillors to do something about dangerous parking by some parents in our town Oadby Leicester. I'm sure you all have or will experience this. Please sign this e-petition - I don't know many people and would really appreciate greatly for mumsnet support on this. We all know the school run can be a nightmare and its a few who are inconsiderate who are making this dangerous for children and residents nearby the schools. If we get a lot of signatures hopefully councillors will note and something will happen. Hopefully we can be a lesson to other parents in towns who think 'they can get away with breaking the law'.

It will only take a few minutes of your time, we only have until the end of this month to present the petition:

The link to the petietion is:

Thank you so much - I really need your help.

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