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How do I re-tweet on Twitter?

3 replies

kslatts · 03/12/2009 12:57

I'm new to twitter so apologies for the stupid question, but how do I re-tweet on twitter and if it's for a competition entry how will you know I have?


OP posts:
Macdog · 03/12/2009 19:32

To re-tweet you can cut and paste the whole comment. Add the letters RT (in capitals) and the tweet name of the person you are re-tweeting at the beginning of the tweet and post.

so, if @MumsnetTowers tweeted the word


your tweet would read

RT @MumsnetTowers BiscuitGate

Does that help??

HelenMumsnet · 05/12/2009 10:10

Thanks for explaining, Macdog.

And don't worry, kslatts, we can see all retweets, so your name will automatically go into the comps entry hat.

ProfYaffle · 05/12/2009 10:25

There's a new 'retweet' facility for some people but not all (not sure why) if you hovver your mouse over the tweet, have a look at the bottom right hand corner, the word 'retweet' sometimes appears in red, just click it.

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